Chewy Vuitton Dog Toys Ruled Not a Licensing Infraction

  1. my chi's have one, super cute.
  2. that company is so creative! I can't believe they're able to make any brand sound dog-related, lol!
    sniffany and co
    chewnel no. 5
    bark jacobs
    I Paw
    Ruff Lauren

    lol lol! LV should be honored to be a part of the lineup. lol
  3. As horrible as it is for them to exploit brand names, I think it is super cute and creative with what they came up with. i totally agree that its hilarious
  4. I love them!! My dogs toy box is full of them. darling...
  5. they are hilarious!
  6. I always thought these were cute.
  7. I think they're pushing the law suits to find where the line is drawn in the end. I donm't think they *lost* an important law suit this time.

    On these products, I don't think they're counterfeit category, but I dont' think they're cute or creative, but totally tackey and in that way hilarious in their own way. It's almost like those people painting their bedroom or hallway in MC canvas pattern.. :tdown: Oh well, each to their own.
  8. i acually think its pretty cute.. not like im carrying it : P when i get a dog i will get her/him one for sure!
  9. If I had a dog I would totally buy the toys. I thought it was cute and creative. I usually detest fakes and things like this....but they are dog toys. And soo cute.
  10. That's good news! :smile:
    IMO it's not fake, they are not copying copying the exact product and saying they are Louis Vuitton! It's like a parody : p
  11. These are just too cute!! I love the names!
  12. I'm glad. Very glad. I'm one of the first people to get angry about trademark copying, but I agree this is artful. Besides, dogs are more important. Sure, I wouldn't let an animal damage a purse I have, or keep one who tends to (they can be trained, and they must), but animals overall come before brand names. They're just dog toys, poor doggies.

    I also got one for my dog who passed on last year. It's now sort of owned by my other, but she never cared for squeak toys, and she's also a tomboy, he he, so it sort of awaits the next pup to claim it...

    Also I decided to, someday, make my own brand of products sort of like this. But further off in design (more like little doggie symbols, like hydrants, etc.) and in name (of course, first of all, 'cos that one's taken). So I feel for people who make these. It's also just fun to buy them! Not that I wouldn't like an LV price on one (I mean, $40? maybe judging on other small things?) but it's not really necessary.

    Well, that's my opinion. :tup:
  13. :yes:

    It's harmless and fun!
  14. My chihuahua baby has one and she absolutely loves it! Its so great to see her carry it around in her mouth when I'm carrying mine around... its like we're twins! :p