Chewing with your mouth open....

  1. Ok, my in-laws (MIL-FIL) ALWAYS chew with their mouths open and it drives me CRAZY!! The smacking of the mouth...oh the smacking...:yucky::push:.
    How do you politely tell someone to chew with their mouth closed?!
  2. nothing to say because i'm as guilty as hell of smacking,lol
  3. OMG I hate that too. There is no way to tell anyone politely! The worst thing is once you notice it you cannot look away or ignore it.
  4. :cursing: :p:p
  5. OMG..its like, once I notice it...its in my ear just smackin' away lmao. And it seems sooooo loud, like you cant even hear the TV over it! :roflmfao: It annoys the sh*t out of me!
  6. A lot of my friends are guilty of this, how about you say it in a joking way?? This usually works for me but since its inlaws I dunno. HTH.
  7. Well you could always try giving them a taste of their own medicine :graucho:
    I find that this method usually works (unless you're in-laws happen to enjoy seeing other's food being visually ground up into tiny pieces or are completely clueless) and is also very satisfying.
  8. Wow, this would drive me up the wall! I've dated a guy with poor table manners, but at least he chewed with his mouth shut! I guess there is really no way to say anything about it politely. Maybe make a joke about not being able to hear the TV? Or say (nicely), "Why don't we just turn the TV off during dinner? I can't hear it anyway." If they ask why you can't hear it, just say the dinner sounds are too loud. It might be indirect enough to work. Who knows?? Sorry you have to deal with this.
  9. Girl, I could be eating like a total pig with food all over my face and I don't think they would say or do anything!
    They are quite...ummmm...gross. :cursing:

    Unfortunately my SO took after their table manners(if they dont have them, they cant teach 'em, right?) but thank god he valued me enough to stop lmao. It took about 4 months of me constantly being on him about it, sunk in!

    Now, on to the in-laws(who are wayyy worse then he ever was!)....:cursing:
  10. This sounds like it could actually work. I will try it when we are eating with them the next time.
    Im sure it sounds a little rude to some people, but we are all jokers so i think they will take it lightly. But maybe they will take it so lightly they wont believe Im serious and continue on with their piggy ways:confused1:
  11. My absolute biggest pet peeve is people that chew loud, once I notice the sound it's the only thing that I can focus on. If I only have to suffer through 1 or 2 meals with someone like this I usually don't say anything, but if it's someone that I eat with frequently I will try to steer the conversation in a direction that allows us to talk about pet peeves when you are eating, and then it allows me to bring up the whole loud chewing problem, without directly pointing it out to them. Otherwise if it were my in-laws I would probably ask my DH to say something to them.
  12. Ugh, that is one of my biggest pet peeves! I feel for ya, girl! Thankfully, everyone knows it drives me nuts, so they try not to do it!
  13. Oh, I have a friend that does that. She smacks and talks and food flies everywhere. I even met a judge one time that was like that. At least I guess he didn't eat in court so nobody knew. I don't know how you say anything unless you know the person well enough to say something like that to them. My dad can do nasty things like that and I yell at him but he's my dad so I can get away with it. I never did tell my friend or the judge.

    My mom though hates gum chewing so much she will tell anyone not to do it no matter who they are. She will ask people on the phone to please not chew their gum in her ear.
  14. I would just say it probably... after time it would bother me WAY too much. It is a pet peeve! :tdown:
  15. You could say, "hey, I didn't know we were having see food tonight!" :roflmfao:

    What really bugs me is that no one knows how to chew gum with their mouth closed, I see people do it all the time, even my mom. Drives me nuts.