Chevron tote

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  1. does anyone own this tote? what do you think of this tote? is it light? what does the inside look like? thanks!

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  2. I own this bag in quilted caviar and its AMAZING! its very light, it stays on your shoulder and there is one big space in the inside with three pockets.
  3. Thanks! Can you give me the dimensions? Does it have a zipped compartment in the middle?
  4. No problem, its a little under 10 x 14 x 4. And it does have a zippered pocket.

    Also, heres a link to my reveal. I answered a bunch of questions there, so maybe itll help a bit!

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  5. could you please post some modeling shots of the bag? i'm afraid the bag may be too big for me as i am petite. thanks!
  6. Is the Chevron purse caviar as well? I would be super interested in that combo.
  7. I am currently DYING for this bag. I tried it on at the Michigan Ave boutique in Chicago last week and I can't stop thinking about it.

    My only hesitation is that it's so much more expensive than the GST I have and totes don't have the same resale value, which is holding me back from buying new
  8. image.jpeg This is a new pairing in my collection as of 2 days ago...and I am in heaven! :heart::heart:

    Jumbo Classic Flap in Black Chevron Caviar Leather with SHW
    Black Chevron Leather "Large Shopping Bag" with SHW
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  9. A slightly different perspective of the photograph above...

  10. Lastly, there is no zippered compartment in the middle like there is in the GST. However, there is a zippered pocket on the inside that is located flush with the back of the tote. There is a large pocket on the backside, although not a "Mona-Lisa Smile" shape. I plan on posting my 1st "Reveal" shortly and hope to add various pictures of the tote internally as well as externally. Hopefully that may help others with additional questions.
  11. Saint Laurant has a bag almost exactly like this tote and I believe it is cheaper. Can't remember price so don't quote me on that but I'm fairly certain it is if you really like this style but don't want to pay the Chanel price. It's basically the same tote just replace the CC hardware with the YSL hardware lol.
  12. I think its called the Matelasse shopper, and I almost bought it, as I saw it online and fell in love. When I saw it in person however, I felt that the quality just wasn't there.The leather felt plasticy and the hardware was too bright for my liking in person. It was gorgeous,but just not for me. I happily went straight to Chanel after that!

  13. Respectfully disagree. Can't compare Chanel to Saint Laurent, not even close
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  14. I prefer the Chanel tote as it's slightly understand. The large YSL logo isn't my taste
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