Chevron then now Propeller! Advise needed badly!

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  1. Hi all,
    Just came back from Hong Kong and my husband bought me a M/L classic chevron flap in black.
    Now i am superbly in love with the Propeller as well.
    Do you think i should get the propeller? (Cant find it in hongkong or airport. SG boutique SA not sure if they will have this in.
    That is a seasonal and i am worried i might not have the chance to own the bag anymore.
    If i buy, i am worried my husband will get upset (since guys dun really get it and would think its another same bag!)
    And i will need help from personally shopper to ship the bag from usa to sgd. thus am really concern as it is a risk if not authentic etc.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks alot!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462184181.254761.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462184219.104781.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462184235.463128.jpg
  2. If u buy from the US, it's best to buy directly from a departmental store like NM or Saks and ask the SA to ship to u so that it's definitely authentic.
  3. I don't know how "sensitive" your husband is.. but let me tell you, if my husband bought me that black chevron flap and i bought "another black bag" shortly after, my husband will feel very bad and say "I don't like his gifts" etc. :shrugs:

    Only you will know if he will be upset. Some men are touchy, some really don't care and it won't be an issue.

    I like the chevron more.. It seems more classy and I like the puffiness of it and the shine.

    But if you do get the propeller, yes, order from a department store so you know it's authentic! Good luck! Congrats on the gift! It's gorgeous!!!

  4. Thanks! Notes on that...
    Din know they can do that for international shipping!
    Thanks for replying! Appreciate that! 🤗

  5. Yah. Thats why my dilemma. I felt i should be appreciative of the fact that he got me a pressie instead of getting another one myself.
    Thanks for the advice! Definitely clearer now! [emoji4]
    Thanks once again. Thats very sweet of you!
  6. hello fr singapore👋🏻 if you love the propeller go for it as seasonal items rarely or never(?) come back. I think both are quite different in style even tho both are black. and we can never have enough black bags IMO! 😄😁

  7. Thanks mintyvintage! Hellos!!! Yah thats why kept thinking drop the idea think again haha! Indeed we dun have enuff of bags! Lolz u have exp buying from usa or eu? Without u gg to boutique? Thanks!!!
  8. I haven't tried that with chanel bags.. I've been considering buying a vintage bag online too but there's our 7% gst to consider. anything declared above $400 we have to pay gst if we ship it in. don't forget to add that into your consideration! good luck!
  9. Congrats on your new bag! Your husband is very sweet. I would take your husbands feelings into consideration as well. Only you will know how he will react if you get another bag. Although both bags are black, they still look different. I have called Chanel customer service and the chanel boutiques in the United States does not ship internationally. I think your best option is to go through a personal shopper or call a department store that has Chanel (Hirshleifers, Nieman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue) to check if they ship internationally. Once you provide the style number, the SA should be able to order it for you. Good luck and wear your bag in good health.

  10. Minthvintage, thanks alot! Appreciate it much! 🤗

  11. Yeah he is. Its a all in one present! Birthday, mothers day, 10 yr anni present! So yups super loving it!!! Yes! Totally we feel the same! Though black... So diff!! Appreciate you checking on the shipping. Personal shopper it is! Else should be NM etc.... [emoji8][emoji8][emoji8]
  12. Most dept stores will not ship Intl-something about the CC info......

    I have a SA at Saks that will do it, you can PM me for details.
  13. Hi, just pm u my PA
  14. just want to know if you have seen the propeller in person? I thought it looks very "plastic"'s rigid and doesn't look like real leather. but if you really like it, maybe you can buy the silver one since you already have a black chevron?

  15. Thanks sweetie!!!
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