Chevron stock availability intelligence

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  1. Thanks pls5- thats what I thought:P
  2. I know, I can't afford to buy a flap now, plus I really wanted a WOC, this is just perfect! Are u going to get one?

    I was busy out at the Olympic venue watching ladies mogul, it was a great game!

    Anyhow, need to get on it now to put my name down for the red patent WOC!

    Happy Chinese New Year~~gong hai fat choi!!!
  3. ncswong, have you seen pictures of the red WOC that NM will have? I understand it is called coral but has a red color code, so I am wondering what it will look like.

  4. Jennifer, I just spoke with a NM SA and he told me that NM is only getting the pink and coral patent in WOC, but not the red. I have asked him again and he said it's coral which mean it has some orange tone to it, for sure not in red patent.

    I am not too sure. I hope ncswong can confirm as well as I would LOVE to get the WOC in red patent.
  5. RED PATENT (ferrari red, not the coral shade) M/L Chevron in the Chanel boutique at Tyson Galleria, VA. They didn't order any in jumbo or maxi size.

    And the following in Neiman Marcus at the same mall:
    Cobalt blue M/L lambskin Chevron (stunning color!)
    Black patent Jumbo Chevron
    Black lambskin Jumbo Chevron
    Green lambskin Jumbo Chevron
    Coral red Maxi Chevron
  6. Thanks for all of the info
  7. I'm asking her and asking one more nm SA. I'll keep u posted.
  8. kobe, I think u r right. another SA told me Newman will hv coral & pink patent WOC. so I guess the whole US do not hv red patent WOC. I'll buy a black patent WOC then.
  9. Thanks nscwong, I got so excited thinking that it will come in red patent, I guess we will have to settle with the black one.

    Also, just on a side note, I was told the red patent WOC will also come in two styles, the CC Strass and the regular quilted pattern. Since I really wanted the 10C red patent WOC, I can't quite decide which one I should get. I want something more classic, should I go with the quilted pattern? Apparently the quilted pattern is just a little more expensive than the CC strass even this one has crystals.

    Did you buy that gorgeous bugengy reissue WOC? That is one gorgeous color! :P
  10. Thanks for the update ncswong. I am so bummed that there will not be a red patent WOC! I already ordered black lambskin and may order red lambskin as well. I really wanted the pop of that red patent, though. kobe 939, I have the same dilemma you do. I am trying to decide what to order in red patent. I am leaning towards the quilted red patent since I am getting the black CC strass WOC, but am also thinking that maybe I should wait for fall since I know the Paris-Shanghai collection has a lot of red and will hopefully have some good WOCs in red. I am on a complete WOC roll right now! I have ordered 6 total and have only received 2 so far!

  11. Hi ncswong! It looks like you have a lot of info! :tup: Do you happen yo know... Who has the black patent WOC and is it in stores already? Also, does the US have black lamb M/L with ghw? It sounds like Europe (Ireland) might have it but I am looking for US specifically. Thanks!! And great thread!!
  12. WOW, Jennifer, you have ordered 6 in total...way to go!! :yahoo:I wish my hubby will allow me to do so! If you are getting the black CC strass WOC, then I think you might be right choosing the quilted red patent. I didn't know that there is going to be a lot of red for the Paris-Shanghai collection, thanks for the info! I guess I have to see how the quilted one looks like when it comes in before I can decide if I really want it. I am leaning towards the quilted red patent as well, and this will be my first WOC, seems like this bag is very addictive! :P

    I am trying to find a picture of the regular quilted WOC and see how it looks like...I mean shape wise, is it a retangular flap or the corners of the flap are going to be rounded? Do you know where I can find a picture of this bag?
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  14. kobe939, I know, I'm crazy getting 6 but they are all different and will be very useful chasing after 22-month old twins. I am finding my totes don't work well at parks or children's museums. I have white half moon and red camellia so far and have ordered black CC strass, black patent quilted Brilliant, black lambskin Chevron, and coral Chevron from NM, but may not get the coral depending on the color IRL. As for photos of the classic quilted, there are a number of WOC threads. One is called WOC a must have in the main Chanel forum and it has a ton of pics, including some of the classic quilted. I think the red patent quilted for Spring/Summer may also be the Brilliant in which case I think is quilting is a little puffier and the CCs are carved and look like they have small crystals in them due to the carving. This is the one I ordered in black. Good luck!

  15. Hi Kobe, I forgot to say "Kung Hei Fat Choi" to you too :P. Kung Hei Fat Choi and wish you'll have a New Year full of Chanel! :biggrin:

    If you love the red patent a lot, you should go for the classic quilt one. I just don't go for that because I need to restrict myself to one WOC per model. I already have a metallic grey classic WOC. It is the reason why I don't go for the patent red classic.

    I already bought the burgundy 2.55 WOC on the day before New Year Eve. The black patent Chevron WOC will be my 4th WOC.