Chevron stock availability intelligence

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  1. got these pics from my SA
    she said they will also get them in cobalt blue:yahoo:

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  2. ooooooooooooo is this the green? or is it turquoise? boutique? thanks for sharing?
  3. BH Chanel has m/l patent chevron in red and pink.
  4. Which store has this blue, I love the cobalt blue color? i checked with my SA and he told me that it's not cobalt blue but more like dark navy blue.
  5. I was also wondering which stores ordered the cobalt blue m/l? Only the boutiques and is it available in the US? That color is hot.
  6. i got the pics from Peggy from Flagship Nordstrom | Downtown Seattle
    She said this is a green and u can pre-order
  7. Does anyone know if the jumbo blue is navy blue or cobalt blue?
  8. I found out from NM that the coral Chevron WOC they will be getting has a color code for red but Chanel calls it "coral." Has anyone seen the coral IRL? I am wondering how close it is to red. I will be called when the WOC arrives and can then decide whether I like the color or not, since I really want the same red as the flap that has been posted.

  9. thanks for the info! so they aren't in yet adn still on preorder :graucho: too bad i am on a ban this photo has the green looking super smashing!

  10. Newman Marcus. have red and pink patent WOC.
  11. this thread gets better everyday! That "green" has my heart skipping a beat; but I promised DH no more bags for a while! Does WOC count as bag:graucho:
  12. I don't think a woc counts........
  13. Thanks nscwong!
  14. ^no problem! isn't that great?!
  15. ahhhhhh a pink woc!~