Chevron stock availability intelligence

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  1. chevron navy... so i assume the blue chevron woc will be more likely this type of blue. ( navy blue).. ??

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  2. Oh my gosh ! The navy blue is gorgeous too !
  3. stunning! thanks for sharing

  4. Saks: Tomorrow they will receive chevron black jumbo, green and red and maxi in patent black.
  5. any spy pics of a chevron woc yet? wanna see, wanna see! :nuts:
  6. There will be maxi in patent black too. I found it!:yahoo:
  7. I have been hunting the red patent Chevron WOC all day and it appears that it may not exist. NM, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomie's, Hirsh, and Chanel boutiques have not ordered it in red patent. I still need to check with BG, but if they don't have it, it sounds like maybe it wasn't made in this combination? I am so in love with the Chevron in red patent, but know I wouldn't carry a flap enough to justify the price. Does anyone have any different information? Thanks!

  8. :woohoo: This thread is brilliant!
  9. One more question, does anyone know if there will be any Chevron wallets? If I can't get the red patent WOC I want, maybe there will be a red patent Chevron wallet available? Thanks!

  10. Hi minnie04, I walked past the Chanel boutique last night and the blue I saw was more like Bleu Roi of 10C instead of navy blue. Maybe they do come in navy blue.
  11. I've asked BG already. They don't do any chevron WOC. I was thinking there's no patent red Chevron WOC at all :cry:
  12. typo mistake. it should be lambskin black maxi.

  13. oooooooh......thanks for posting! very very nice.......

    and did someone say a bright blue roi type colour?????
  14. .

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