Chevron stock availability intelligence

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  1. Saw yellow fabric at 57th. I wanna see dark brown! Anyone spy that in us?
  2. thanks for posting!! how did the navy look??
  3. That sounds dreamy doesn't it?
  4. I'm still looking for my SA in VA to call me about a red patent chevron in jumbo shw :shrugs:
    Even my DH has been asking about it! If you spot one and it's from a Chanel boutique (not NM, Saks, etc.) in the US, please PM me.


  5. :yes:
  6. has anyone spotted a m/l black lambskin chevron in GHW?? thanks!!
  7. Great intel C! Thanks! That red lamb is sooo gorgegous...I'm curious what the violet looks like...
  8. yeah, wanna know too! just read black lamb available in gh... so maybe there's hope for red... :girlsigh:
  9. There is lt red lamb w ghw coming out from hirshleifers but not chevron and haven't seen.
  10. ^but SA said only in lt blue & lt beige... no lt red... hmmm... but i'm just luvin chevron lamb in red!
  11. Hmmmmmm. I have been hearing re light red Lamb maxi coming out w ghw. That's strange. O well. Someday....
  12. ^i know... unless my SA was mistaken. here's what i got...

    "Unfortunately, we are not getting the medium in any red for that matter. We expect it in lt blue and in lt beige.
  13. Aha. Maybe cuz I was talkin maxi:smile:
  14. #44 Feb 10, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2010
    ^ah, ok... guess i misunderstood "any red" as, a red in any size :shame:
  15. HK: red and black patent jumbo; pink and red patent m/l