Chevron stock availability intelligence

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  1. ^^ nvm. I figured it all out!
  2. any hope to find a maxi in red patent leather? tia
  3. Anyone know if any NM has the green jumbo? TIA!
  4. ^^ you will need to post in the authenticate this Chanel thread
  5. I saw a black patent chevron jumbo in NM Chicago today. Contact Cliff and say that Diera refers you =)
  6. Has anyone seen a jumbo red patent chevron? I am looking for one. TIA
  7. Does anyone know the price for the Chevron WOC in black patent!? In US dollars?
  8. Before today it was $1450, if I'm not mistaken. Let's see if the price increases or not today, I hope not.
  9. Are there any Chevron woc left in stores that anyone has seen?
  10. Really!? I can't check because it is not available in Canada. I heard it was not part of the classics so this woc won't increase. I thought it was a bit more

  11. I have seen some on ebay but I am trying to figure out how much it was being sold in the stores
  12. #358 Apr 3, 2015
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    Urgently looking for a black chevron jumbo (lambskin) in NYC/NJ or even Pennsylvania Prussia mall as heading to delaware tomorrow eve. Ready to buy immediately pls kindly msg me.
  13. #359 Apr 3, 2015
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    Found one! ...with a little help from 2 really fab male SAs at one dept store and at one Chanel store!

    This contrasted with the downright lousy service from Bergdorf Goodman's female SA - and yes - it is worth shaming that store on service because it was really that foul...