Chevron stock availability intelligence

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  1. I'm thinking to add a Chevron into my WOC collection. I'm gathering information of stock availability from different stores about this ligne. I believe such information will be very helpful to whoever is thinking about buying something from this ligne. So let me start first.

    US boutiques: Right now there is M/L size in green lambskin. It is going to be offered in jumbo maxi coral, red, and black patent. Jumbo maxi in blue or black lambskin.

    Bergdorf Goodman: The Jumbo Chevron will only be available in black, and the Medium Chevron is available in black and violet.

    Nordstrom Mall of America: They currently have the CHEVRON Jumbo lambskin in black. They will also be getting the CHEVRON Jumbo Lambskin in Blue and Green. They will be getting WOCs also. The colors available will be Green, Blue and Black.
  2. I have to see chevron WOC- if anyone has a picture can you post- TIA. Great idea for thread nscwong:tup:
  3. ^Great idea! I want to see a red lambskin/patent WOC!
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    red patent maxi and red lambskin jumbo from Neiman Marcus.

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  5. black patent maxi from Hirshleifers

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  6. Great intel ncswong thanks! I wanna see the medium/L in violet
  7. ^^^ I forgot about the violet chevron- MUST see that too:nuts:
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    Love that red lambskin jumbo so much:heart:
    I thought only boutique got that not dept store
    I'm in hard decision to either get classic black with gold or this beautiful Chevron jumbo lambskin

    Are there going to be really violet chevron?
  9. NM is getting coral and pink patent Chevron WOC. I am still looking for red patent Chevron WOC. I ordered the black lambsking Chevron WOC from Nordstrom, but it is not yet in stock. Thanks for starting this thread!

  10. My SA told me the violet will be light violet.
  11. Thanks everyone, this is going to be a great thread!
  12. Thanks for the update...wondering if there's any red or blue patent in WOC...thinking to match my red patent Chevron jumbo..

    BTW, what's the code for the blue? Thanks! ;)
  13. Is that Chanel/NM/Saks SA?
  14. What about chocolate w white stitching I read about here? Anybody got anything on that one?
  15. Cannot wait for my lamb chevron...nice!!! thanks for sharing!