Chevron Rose gold Caviar rectangular mini

  1. How difficult is this bag to get?

    Did it just come out as part of pre fall or fall or is it special edition?
  2. It's part of the Fall Act 1 collection. It's not really a special edition, it is just like most Chanel seasonal color releases, where once it's gone, it's gone. It might be hard to find at this point, but you can always call around and see. If you are in the US, I would definitely recommend calling the Chanel customer service number and they can tell you what store has any left, if any.
  3. Ive seen ppl unboxing on YT for this bag... it doesnt seems too limited.. call for availabity. Good luck
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  4. Bal Harbour had one in the medium size on Saturday.
  5. I can't find it on the website
  6. Chanel only puts a "taste" of what is out there on the site. Stores will have a lot more bags than what is listed on the site.
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  7. How popular is this bag? I heard from social media that everyone wants one.
  8. This color bag is becoming difficult to get. The boutiques have mostly gotten in their allotment, there will be a few more coming for people on waitlists that will not take them. I suggest getting your name on a list if you cant find one.
  9. I called and all the depts said they fulfilled their waitlist. In fact, each dept store got their handful of units and aren't getting more. The boutiques are completely out. Why was this so popular? Is it the color or the size?
  10. It's the colour, it's iridescent so the bag is like a chameleon, it changes under different lightings. That's why some people were initially puzzled, wondering why it looks pink when it's called light gold. And the fact that it's caviar makes it hardier.

    I guess the size also plays a part. It's actually slightly bigger than the normal quilted mini.

    It's so pretty and one of a kind that I'm so scared to use mine. Have been ogling it everyday.
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  11. I have been too scared to use mine as well! It's been on display in my closet, lol.
  12. I really wish that the Toronto store ordered this colour, I'd really like to see it in person!
  13. I see some folks trying to sell online more than what the boutiques sold it at.
  14. Use it!!! It's caviar :P
    So much fun to see it change color when ur outside under diff lighting! :smile:
  15. The mini light gold sold out in one day in singapore, and jakarta do not receive any only light gold woc.
    The colour is pinkish beige in room light. I haven't bring mine out yet.
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