chevron pattern showing wear??

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  1. is anyone nervous that the chevron pattern with those longer quilts will show wear more significantly?? like scrtaches and stuff could more visible? and maybe even more likely since these chevrons do seem a bit puffier to me?? it's such a gorgeous bag, but that part is kind of holding me back. with the regular quilting there's kind of more going on so maybe minor dings etc won't be as obvious... not to say this would be reason not to get special beautiful chevron (and probably doesn't apply to patent as much except finger prints even could be more obvious) but just a concern of mine... i guess taking a look at the vintage ones might help...
  2. also is chevron pattern bag slightly cheaper than regular quilted classic?? seems so. or maybe that' sjust vs thinking re price increase... which i am thinking these will stay same...
  3. I don't know because I don't have one so i guess my reply is useless..I am so in love with that bag though! PLS5 please keep me posted if and when you get one.My mom is waiting for the Green Chevron Jumbo., but that's in lambskin so I'm sure it will be hard to keep. She doesn't have little kids anymore though...ha ha!
  4. I saw the chevron in person today. Fingerprints showed up easily and I did see the display piece with a few minor 'stretch marks'.... you really have to see it in person to know what I mean. It looked like the leather was pulled too much and creases showed up. From far the bag still looked beautiful and pristine though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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    I've seen many vintage Chevron classic flaps on *bay and I've never seen one that was "deflated" or with any of the quilting smushed in. The ones I've seen have always look close to new. There are a few TPF members that posted pictures of there vintage ones here on TPF. Maybe you can look at their pics if you search for them here on TPF.
    Ohhhh even better start a thread asking whom has a vintage Chevron and to post their pictures.

    Here's some pictures of two vinage ones that recently sold on *bay (the vintage ones always have gold hardware):

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  7. I've been wondering the same thing!! I saw a pic of a gorgeous black with silver hardware. Hadn't really considered these previously but now I'm really starting to get into them!! which is SUCH a bad thing.....
  8. haha i know what you mean!!! i am trying not to get sucked into i have to have one!!! trying to go to pre-fall at least if not purple caviar whenever til next purchase................. but these are beautiful. the vintage pieces look very nice so allays my fears re chevron somewhat.

  9. I've been searching high and low for that vintage bag! It is absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately I haven't come across one yet, sigh..

  10. yaaaaay green chevron for your mom! that's a gorgeous bag! i am trying to abstain this time around but these bags are making me drool... and all of the vibrant colors!!! get your mom on here to post when she gets hers :smile:

  11. I will have to take pics when she gets it.. she will never come on here.. ha ha but i def have to take some pics. The sa doesn't have it in yet and bloomies isn't getting the green well at least the nyc bloomies isn't. So she is waiting for her saks sa to get it in stock. I have to say i love it because it is soo classic yet because it was out of production for so long it is new again and a nice change from the quilted. i am so deathly afraid of lambskin but this is on my wishlist because of how beautiful it is!!
  12. which colour/skin combi would you go for? trying to decide if I should do patent or lamb.....

  13. I would consider the purple I guess and it's patent but would actually prefer lamb. What are you thinking about specifically?
  14. No creases in my 1-month old patent Chevron jumbo yet. It's very structural & rigid too.

    Fingerprints are not noticeable at all - at least not on my red patent - not sure about black patent though.

    Every times I return home I placed my bag back to the sleeping bag & stuffed the bag with papers & placed the white felt under the flap & around the chain just to avoid any dents to the flap.

    I would scare having scratches & watermarks with the lamb - so patent is my only choice with Chevron style.