Chevron Le boy or classic flap?

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  1. I am a Chanel virgin and I need your advice.

    I am planning my first Chanel purchase - I have always had my heart set on the classic clap in the medium size, caviar leather, GHW. I have been saving my pennies and I was planning on buying it at Paris during my vacation in 3 weeks.

    HOWEVER - today when I innocently visited my local Chanel, I tried on a Le boy, and I was so taken by it! I have never really liked the look of the Le boy before! It was never even on my radar until now. Even my husband loved it (and while he is usually supportive of my handbag habit, he was more than a little encouraging)

    So my dilemma is this:
    Should i get the seasonal boy now because Chanel Paris may not have it. I can always get the classic flap later.i know Paris will be cheaper and tax free etc, but this bag is calling me! My hubby says I can also get the classic flap for my 30th (in 2 years), but with the price increases - it will be so much more expensive.

    Hubby is encouraging whichever way, but he really wants me to get the boy. The encouragement is making me giddy! What should I do...?

  2. I had the same dilemma.

    I purchased the black lambskin jumbo classic flap GHW first, and then decided that it was a bit mature and dressy for my lifestyle and wardrobe.

    I ended up getting the black new medium calfskin chevron boy with SHW- the same bag that you are wearing in your photo. But due to some quality issues with the bag that I was sold, I had to return it. Also, I wasn't completely loving the thick chevron design, and the glaring SHW.

    I ended up getting the black new medium lambskin boy with RHW and am very happy with it, as this particular style works with most of the outfits in my wardrobe, and is a bit lower profile than the other two bags I mentioned above.

    I do think the boy you have on looks great on you though!

    Hope that helps.
  3. If getting the boy would mean you would forego Chanel shopping in Paris, I would wait. There is nothing like the experience of buying Chanel in Paris...especially your first one! Between the cost savings and the lovely shopping experience, it is well worth the wait. We are also scheduled for a trip to Paris in April (though I just found we may need to push our trip a couple months) and am holding off on shopping until we go. I'm sure you will find something perfect there...either this same boy, your CF, or something entirely different! Good luck deciding and enjoy your trip!
  4. I would go for a Boy.
    I am the same age and for my first purchase I also chose a boy (quilted with the new champagne hw). I love the style you tried and would definitely pick it over a CF, it's gorgeous!
  5. Ok... Because this is a new experience for you (trying on the Boy) why don't you give it at least a week to see if you are still as smitten with it as you have been all along for the classic? I only say this as sometimes we can be swept off our feet in lust for a few days and then it fades. As we know you have been in love with the classics for so long, that probably means a purchase of a classic wont be a "regret". However, if your affection for the Boy continues over a week or so, perhaps you should get this seasonal bag as classics are always there. I have both and love both styles. Either way you wont go wrong...I suppose it just comes down to which will steal you heart more. Best of luck.
  6. I think u should wait till Paris and see what they have there first. If u find a bag u love there it'll be more special :smile:

    But in general... I prefer the boy over the CF. I've had both and ended up returning the CF jumbo (for numerous reasons - black caviar with gold hw). But since u just fell for the boy maybe you should sleep on it for a while? This is a toughie.

  7. I had the same dilemma and waited for Paris for that "shopping experience". I regret that to this day!! I let go of my holy grail black quilted ruthenium hardware old medium boy in London to get "the experience" at the flagship store in Paris. Well....they of course didn't have it, or any boy for that matter, and I ended up walking all over Paris for the entire weekend looking at all the stores (even though I was consistently told that the computers showed none in all of France) hoping for a return. Needless to say, it wasn't a fun experience but more and more stressful. I ended up buying a seasonal black bag that I loved but sold after a year because I FINALLY found the original bag I wanted. advise is if you see the one you want buy it! Don't wait!
  8. I have had same dilemma for the past year always wanted a flap but I do believe that the boy would be used a lot more and suits me more for every day I guess you have to way up if you want a every day bag or pay a lot for a flap that just sits there only to be used every now and then
  9. I will say wait til you get in Paris store and see if you like the classic flap or boy flap. It worth buying there in order save the exchange rate and VAT. Good luck.

  10. This is what I'm afraid of! I've heard that CF are available more often than boys at the flagship.

    I've never liked the boys with quilting and I really like the thick chevron. To me this is prettier. I don't like the normal boys which is why I really want this one. In terms of VAT and the Paris price - it will be thousands cheaper more to buy it now than waiting in Paris... Dilemma indeed!
  11. First I think the boy looks great on you!!! The nice thing about a boy is it can be dressed up or down easier than a classic flap. The black Chevron is really gorgeous too and you're right about being able to find a classic down the road and I wouldn't think the price would increase that much in 2 years. Now I understand the problem of buying now while you can find it verses waiting until your trip where it will be cheaper as this is a dilemma I've faced many times and you just have to ask yourself if you'll be crushed or not if you couldn't get it in Paris? If so, buy now and if not wait...I know easier said than done. Have you tried Bergdorf Goodman about the boy? At least that would save you the tax....Good Luck :smile:
  12. Hi - I live in a country without BG. Although the tax/VAT concerns me, hubby says he would rather pay the tax than see me sad or upset in Paris during our trip. He doesn't want this handbag purchase and potential appointment spoil our trip.
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458356446.951336.jpg

    So giddy with excitement with a tinge of guilt that I finally took the leap!!
  14. I was reading the entire thread and going to comment to support your decision to get the boy...and found out you had done so!

    Enjoy your new bag in good health! Congrats...
  15. Congrats! I think you made the right decision :smile:
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