Chevron Flap -- Help!

  1. Girls,
    What do you think about the Chevron Flap ? NM has it for 1/2 off!
    (I just received the Gauffre Tote in Miltare and love it)
    NO, I do not need another bag, BUT .................. LOL!
    Opinions Please!
  2. Bump!
    Opinions Please -- does anyone own this? seen this?
  3. ^OK..Im not a fan..Seen it IRL and it reminds me of a tree from the Harry Potter movie!!ROFL! Sorry but I just cant say i like these at all!!!
  4. i dun like it

    it looks like a rattan woven bag.. :p

    if you live in SOutheast Asia as i do.. you will know what i mean.. :p

    btw Pursesuader, i love your gaufre tote.

    I want one too! do you know of the exact same one - Prada Guafre except that it is longer vertically and can be carried on the shoulder? i saw this lady carrying it last week, and have fallen in love with it. Hers is brown.. looks like the one Beckham was carrying.

    Unfortunately, the Prada boutiques in Asia have run out.. SIGH.

    do you happen to have a picture of this Gaufre i am talking about please? in brown..

    thanks so much

  5. OMG -- Thanks Jill! I have not seen it and well --- you know a sale! I love the gathered leather and thought this might be as wonderful??:confused1:
  6. duchess, I will look for a photo and PM you!
    Rattan hmmmmmmmmm........
  7. OMG, I got this from NM and although I love the gathered leather, the bag design was NOT good, the magnetic clasp looked very thin and the flap just didn't seem to close correctly .... anyway it's going back! If anyone wants it watch the NM site in the next week or so!
  8. Saw this style in real life, I don't like it.