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  1. Does anybody know what available colors will come out for the Chevron?
    I saw red patent and the black lamb.
  2. apparently there's chocolate too. i'd love to hear what else!
  3. blue red pink
  4. at the moment patent in black red blue and pink, lamb black.
    For spring for example is one in Jersey yellow.

    I hope many more because I'm falling in love! :cloud9:
  5. so there is no RED chevron in lamb? cause i saw somewhere :smile:
  6. holiday_is_fun ! :smile:
    Wowwwww....that bag must be a killer! :heart:
    In wich size did you saw the beauty? the newest Chanel catalog is a Chevron Jersey bag but you can't see any color ;)'s on a black-white newspaper


    price: 1580,- Euro
  7. chevron is really really growing on me... if this comes out in red lamb w/ GH, i'd die! :faint:
  8. #8 Jan 22, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2010
    I'm glad I made a right choice with the Chevron red patent jumbo earlier. It's such a classic but unique style :love:

    Anyway, these are what I saw at boutique/shopping thread so far. But all are with SHW.

    Patent: red (81643), dark blue (?), pink (66164), black (94305)
    M/L A48184 - $2795
    Jumbo A47771 - $3000
    MAXI A47772 - $3295

    Lambskin: red, blue, pink, (I read black from OP)

    M/L - $23xx

  9. purse-nality :smile:, I know exactly this's the dangerous Chevron-Chanel-virus....highly infectious....:girlwhack:
  10. ceci ,your Jumbo is absolutly fantastic! :heart:
    This red-shining bag rocks like a hurrican. ;)

    For over 10 years Chevron is a true classic leather's a cult !!! :love:
  11. I really want a blue in Jumbo or Maxi...its soooooooooo pretty!!
  12. Just went to NM Trunk Show. Oh my Gosh! The chevron is soooo gorgeous!
    I compare my blue roi caviar with the Blue medium chevron. The chevron has is much more vibrant color compare to my cobalt blue roi.
    The patent is nice too. I saw the coral color which is sort of red orange and the patent does not look cheap. It looks really nice.
    well - this is a must for me ! I'm on the waiting list for RED Lambskin. Hopefully I got it soon cuz I can't wait to wear it :smile:
  13. boutiques has green lamb.
  14. Here's the pic of the green

  15. amazing color! wow!!! good thing no trunk show for me... otherwise i would have no green left!!!! thanks for sharing :biggrin: