chevron classic flaps vs standard classic flaps?

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  1. Hi, guys! I am thinking of getting my FIRST classic flap jumbo and am really loving the chevron. Would anyone know about the prices for a chevron jumbo classic flap as opposed to the standard ones?

    Many thanks!
  2. chevron jumbo runs at 3000 as opposed to classic that runs at 3500 with tax. i dont know that you can find any more chevrons left. try nm or saks. gl
  3. Your best bet for the Chevron seems to be eBay. I know because I was just searching mine out! It's hard to find one for the original price ($2995) for a new one. Mostly they are priced higher. For me, it was worth it.

    Though these were not affected by the recent price increase in stores, my guess is if they release these again, they will be the same price as the quilted.

    Good luck!
  4. I bought my blue Chevron jumbo in April 2010 for $3,000. Doubt any stores carry them now as it was sold out back then. Just as Jetsetgo stated, price would probably match the classic flap jumbo once they re-release it again. Don't give up on getting one as you would love it!!
  5. just to clarify, I paid $3,000 plus NY tax
  6. Thanks for all your input! I'm thinking of getting one in Hong Kong (I'm from Australia) when I go there in a couple of weeks' time. Fingers crossed they might *still* have some chevrons left!
  7. I just got a green lamb chevron from Saks forUSD 3000, try asking Damian, I recall him offering me a black patent chevron in the beg of Sept