chevre what does it come in --colors?

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  1. does anyone know if chevre comes in blue jean?
  2. Unfortunately, it does not. But it does come in:
    black (holy grail combo), fuschia, potiron, havane, vert anis, chartreuse (?), rouge H, and I am forgetting everything else for some reason. But other ladies will chime in!!! HTH!

  3. was offered a SO and want chevre for the bag but not sure about the color
  4. H, do a search for the thread on Current Leather Availability, as well as one for "chevre colors"

    this was answered a couple of times in different places, but I can't recall exactly where.
  5. ^^^I'll get the link for you.
  6. thanks--my apologies in advance for asking repetitive questions or incorrectly posting in the wrong thread..........still new;)
  7. No worries!!! There is a lot of information in this subforum. If you ever have any questions about where to post or where to look, don't hesitate to PM me!!! That is what I am here for!
  8. Hermesaholic, you'd mentioned in an earlier post that you'd been given a lesson about chevre. Was it about chevre mysore or chevre coromandel. The colours available are again different. Do you have easy access to a H store where you are? The best thing to do is to go to your store and look at the leather book.

    The SO ordering period is over, closed in April. The next season would be in July, with deadline expected to close in end Aug/Sep. It would be at the July podium that managers know the colours offered for SS2008. If you order according to the colours offered, you will be able to receive your bag promptly in the following season. Any colour you order now would be quite a wild shot, IMO.
  9. 1) well both but mainly mysore. I had just purchased a bolide in etoupe chevre? faint spine down the back ??? and was asking about ordering in a bright color etc etc.

    2)currebtly there are two swatches in chevre in thebook right now...........its been completely cleaned out. Yes it is for july. i just want to have a rough idea what i might expect to be available???