Chevre vs Ostrich, which is lighter in wt?

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  1. I'm not sure if it has been discussed but I'm wondering which leather, chevre or ostrich is lighter in weight. I've been reading about the dreaded "Birkin tendinitis" and am interested in perhaps warding it off by buying a bag with a lighter leather.

    Also, is ostrich a durable leather? How does it do in rain and stains?

    Does anyone here have a black ostrich Birkin? Does ostrich even come in black??? Any pics would be much appreciated.

    TIA all :flowers:
  2. Good thing you posted this question, isf. I don't have both leathers and am interested to know the answer/feedback too!
  3. Yes, ostrich comes in black but, IMO, it's best in bright colors. But, black Chevre is simply divine! I've held an ostrich bag and chevre bag and there was little difference in weight. I think I've heard that chevre IS the lightest, though.
  4. Hi everyone merry xmas and happy holidays!!I too would love to learn more about these two leathers .I love cobalt blue in ostrich,I wonder If after awhile it turns dark.And will ostrich stain easily?Also I have heard that chevre scuffs easily .I do have a bag in chevre and it is a beautiful leather,I have not used it much and it is in perfect condition.Also I find that chevre is very light.
  5. I think ostrich is lighter...
  6. I've had both chevre and ostrich. Believe me, chevre is DEFINITELY lighter. For me, it was actually quite noticeable.
  7. Sounds like I should be looking for a chevre bag. I'd like to get the lightest leather so I don't get discouraged carrying a heavy bag. I'm sure I'd want to carry my Birkin a lot when I get it.
  8. Ostrich is still pretty light in comparison to other leather. Actually, croc is also pretty light. But if you're looking for something that you can use everyday and is light, chevre is definitely the way to go.
  9. Kou, I am looking to get a chevre next year but I am concerned that the bottom or corners will get scruffed up worse than say, Togo. Can chevre be easily refurbished?
  10. Hmmm interesting question MrsS! I wonder about the same thing, since the leather is thinner, will it wear more easily?
  11. MrsS and MissPiggy, I actually didn't use my chevre bags that much. The two chevre I have are the chevre Kelly and the chevre Bolide, both of which were mysore. Actually, i did use the Bolide more and I hadn't seen any wearing or tearing at the corner. It actually was quite sturdy even though the leather is more rigide and structured. I'm sure it can be refurbished if needed though.:yes:

    Ostrich, on the other hand, tends to change color when come in contact with oil. It is pretty good in dealing with liquid but not so good when it comes in contact with any sort of oil ...
  12. Thanks so much for the info Kou.