Chevre vs. Calf Leather

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm trying to understand the differences between these two leathers. Can anyone with chevre leather chime in? Does this leather wear well? I know it can scratch a bit easier but that the scratches can be buffed out. Also, is it more prone to spotting if it gets wet (rain, etc)? I'm usually pretty careful with my bags but there are those times that we get caught off guard with a downpour.

    Anyone have any advice to offer? :biggrin:
  2. For me...this is a tough question to answer. Chevres can be as different from each other as calf Leather. I have vermillion Chevre and I have bubble tan Chevre. They are so diff from each other. I think Jackie could give a good answer to this. Why not ask it on the BE page on FB? Sorry, not much help here...
  3. I did email BE and they did give me some guidance. It helped. I guess the challenge is that I really do need to see the two leathers in person to decide. You're right, TG, the leathers can be different within the same category. I know that the chevre is a bit thinner and lighter and does show scratches more easily but they can also be buffed out. They are both wonderful--just trying to understand the differences.
  4. I have a swatch of the chestnut chevre that I am through with. Let me know if you'd like it. What calf leather are you looking at?
  5. the brown chevre i had seemed incredibly delicate
  6. Asbb--I was looking at the whiskey Barcelona but I do think that the calf might be a better choice for me. Annvaldivia-I was worried about it being too delicate, and I have been spoiled by my matte leathers and my crash leathers. I am not intentionally hard on my bags but I don't want to fuss with them, either. Maybe once my kids are all grown I can carry a chevre bag!
  7. I had a swatch of the chestnut chevre and decided against it for that reason. However the tan bubble chevre bag I have is amazingly soft but feels like it will wear better to me.
  8. As an owner of chestnut chevre (my full size Inspire Me which I named Indy)...I can say I was worried when I got it...emailed back and forth with Jackie a 100 times...but then I just decided to brave it. I did a water test on it (underside of the flap on the inspire me) and the water sat there...never absorbed...and when I wiped it away 20 minutes later and it dried...I could not even tell you where it had been!

    I wore Indy a lot...traveled with it...and it looks brand new. I will admit I am not hard on bags at all...most of mine look pristine even after much use...but honestly...this one wears well.

    So that is my personal experience...I would not shy away from it if it is a leather you covet...unless you are just really really hard on me and shoes...I would never get chevre shoes...because I know I beat the heck out of shoes...but bags...yep...I am good there!
  9. Thanks, Ladies..

    Ode--I like hearing a report that your chevre leather has held up well. I mean, I don't beat on my bags but I don't baby them too much, either. I'm still debating, although I'm not sure I'm going to do anything right now. Maybe I'll get a couple of swatches and see how I feel about it!
  10. Any more input on Chevre leather from those who own one? It looks very pretty but I worry about it getting easily scratched also. Thanks
  11. I have the Vermillion chevre in the Madrid. It is very delicate and shows wear quickly, but I like that. It "ages" well. It doesn't scratch as much as it "wears" -- gets a bit fuzzy at the corners. Am I making sense? But again, I like this look. I haven't treated this leather with anything.
    My tan bubble chevre is a different animal altogether, which I have in the Stroke Me. That looks indestructible. So it depends on your chevre finish. Hope this helps.
  12. I do think the types of chevre leather and even the colors might make a difference in how it shows wear. After much deliberation and with Ode's thread for support, I ordered the whiskey chevre Barcelona and this bag did not disappoint. It is gorgeous! The leather is soft and it does scratch but it rubs out fine. I think this bag is going to age really well.

    And my pictures continue to rotate for some odd reason!
  13. That is gorgeous! :love:
  14. It really is a great leather. It still feels very substantial but certainly still lighter than the calfskin leather (which I also love). This is a bag I feel I can really use and enjoy. I wouldn't take it out in the rain or snow but i'd take it everywhere else.
  15. great color on the Barcelona!