Chevre question

  1. There's been a lot of interest in chevre leather for bags and it's one of my favourites as well, especially Chevre de Coromandel because of it's "spine".:love:

    My question is: does Chevre de Coromandel come in two options, like a sheen or matte option?
  2. As far as I know it is just one option period, but I stand to be corrected.
  3. I have only seen it as one option, but depending on the lighting it can have a sheen to it.
  4. Thanks, KB and avan! Yeah, that's what I thought too until I was discussing my next Birkin order with my store manager a couple weeks ago and she asked if I preferred matte or sheen. I just stood there for about 2 silent seconds like this :wtf:. Then managed to muster up some mumbled, "uh.. I hadn't realised it comes in matte or sheen...".. She said she thinks that the case.. and proceeded to put me down for "matte" for now.
  5. I've never heard of a choice between matte or sheen. Only that there are 2 (formerly 3) types of Chevre - Mysore and Coromandel. I believe Mysore has a little more sheen than Coromandel
  6. Maybe your SA was a bit confused. There are two types of Chevre like Greentea said, but not such a large difference that I would go so far as saying one is matte and the other with sheen.
  7. ^^ She definitely was not referring to Mysore. We did speak about mysore as well briefly but I wanted Coromandel and she wrote that down. But yeah, I think she must've been thinking of something else that perhaps did come in matte or sheen. She did say she wasn't too sure but just put me down for "matte" for starters. In Jan, I'm going to recomfirm everything with her so I'll just let her know I prefer "sheen" if it does in fact come with two options.
  8. Coromandel and Mysore and that's about it. I've never heard of Matte or Sheen. COuld it be she was thinking Matte (Mysore) or Sheen (Coromandel)????
  9. Hmm, I dunno.. she definitely was thinking coromandel tho coz we were talking about how pretty the "spine" look was and what an interesting characteristic, etc. And that's the one she wrote down.
  10. Does your boutique have a leather book that you could look at? OR, see if they have a agenda cover or wallet in the leather type you want and see what leather name they list on the price tag.
  11. Lol! What a mystery, eh? I will definitely clear it up with her in Jan before podium. But I'm pretty sure everything will be ok coz the Coromandel part is written down... the matte or sheen thing, well, if she still thinks there's two, then when she goes to order it, I guess she'll find out that nope, there's only one option and leave it at that.
  12. Yes it does and I've looked at it. That's how I ended up choosing which leather to order, as well as knowing how the spine looked from pics here. I can't get past the gorgeous spine, lol! The leather book just listed it as Chevre de Coromandel, no mention of matte or sheen.

    I think my SM may have been a little frazzled that day tho coz a couple of staff members were off sick.
  13. Well, there's also Chevre Jhansi, haven't seen it in a while, though.
  14. ^^I saw that in the leather book. From what I can remember, it looks like Coromandel with an allergy, lol! The lumpy part of the texture (dunno what the technical term is.. mountains(?)) looked a bit more plump.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    Sue, are you referring to Chevre Jhansi?