1. Hi everybody, I have been wondering what is the difference between Chevre de cormandel and Mysore.Is it the Spine? and also I know that some bags are lined with chevre .Is this inner lining like what a bag made in mysore would be like? Also are these the only two types of goat leather that Hermes makes? Thank you for any information.:yes: :flowers:
  2. Toonie, the spine is more pronounced in Chevre de Coromandel than it is in Mysore. I've seen some Mysore bags where you can't even see any spine whatsoever. The grain in Coromandel tends to show more variation than in Mysore, too. There's also a softer, more pliable version of Coromandel called Coromandel souple.

    The goatskin used to line the bags is Chevre Marocain (Moroccan goatskin).

    Hermes also used to make Chevre Jhansi, which is supposedly discontinued.

    HTH! Getting sleepy...
  3. Thank you so much Ot You always have such beautiful bags in your avatars .:flowers:
  4. You're welcome and thanks, toonie!

    I forgot to mention that the Moroccan goatskin used to line many of the bags looks quite different than Cor. and Mysore. The grain isn't as pronounced. If you can visit an H boutique to check out the Chevre lining in some bags, you'll see what I mean.
  5. My favorite thing about this leather is the the way it seems to shine.
  6. Oh. I love the shine too :yahoo:
    Its my favourite Hermes leather :heart: :heart:
  7. The color seems to change a little in different light too.....something I love!!!
  8. Chevre is definitely my favorite leather after ostrich and croc:yahoo:
  9. Ostrich looks like it has some beautiful shine to.
  10. Yes it does~ I've been told that it gets shinier as time goes on.:yes:
  11. Oti, I just spoke to someone who is positive she recently saw a bag in Jhansi. So it may not have been discontinued.
  12. Thanks for letting me know, HG! A specialist in H leathergoods told me it was discontinued so I took it as gospel. LOL
  13. Chevre Marocain is the one with the smooth texture, right? It's the same one I'd fine inside a chevre Bolide? It scratches easily, right? Do you think they can make a Kelly in Chevre Marocain? It'd be an interesting alternative to Box Calf :yes:
  14. Kou, chevre Marocain is not smooth, it's a slightly textured chevre that's used to line the inside of Birkins, Kellys and most H bags. The leather lining inside Bolide is smooth kidskin, also a type of lambskin, I believe, like those lining the Dogon or Bearn wallets...Maybe the other ladies or experts can help! :flowers:
  15. D*mmit, I just typed a response, hit the wrong key, and it was all erased.

    Anyway, gigi took the words right out of my mouth. Kou, Chevre Marocain doesn't scratch easily, which is what I love about it as a lining. As I mentioned before, I wish regular Bolides would be lined w/ this instead of the lambskin.

    The Kelly would have to be fuchsia, right?:graucho: