Chevre leather question

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  1. Do bags made in this leather tend to slouch over time? How does it compare to clemence and swift in terms of softening over time?
  2. No, chèvre does not slouch. It isn't stiff like epsom, but neither of my chèvre bags are what you would call soft and nothing like swift or clemence.
  3. Thank you so much Mistikat. I like structured bags to be structured and as much as I love the look of chevre, I was afraid of slouching over time.
  4. Chèvre actually will "puddle". Over time a 35cm will actually slumber a bit. If You are afraid of slouching stick with 30cm birkins and 32cm Kelly's. Anything bigger you are t rik
  5. Different chevre leather also makes a difference. I find de Coromandel the stiffest and Mangalore the softest, so the latter puddles. The newer Mysore appears thinner, although it won't puddle like Mangalore it would likely softens and slouches a little in the bigger sizes.
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  6. My coromandel is still looking like BNIB, and I use it often, not soft and no puddling.
    Though, I have seen chevre slg mold/form to it's contents.

    Agree the newer everything is different and lose shape faster...
  7. My 35 Birkin coromandel slouches... and I am in the process of waiting for my bag insert to arrive to "prop" it up.
  8. Chevre is my favorite of non- exotic leathers, although I personally count it in "semi-exotics" bc. of its sheen and luxe quality. I LOVE all my chevre bags, Coromandel is the thickest of them and does puddle a bit, but I don't mind. Mangalore is the softest, it too puddles/ creases a bit but so do my Birkins in the size of 35 (except the ones made of Fjord and Vache Liegee).
    My opinion is- considering the quality of today's Togo (much thinner than it used to be), Chevre bags don't slouch much at all comparing to Togo, CT or Swift.

    This skin is also very rare in handbags these days, I believe it is only available for SOs. If you have any chance to grab one, go ahead!
  9. I was told by docride that Clemence is the type of leather to slouch the fastest over time. If that helps...
  10. And soon it will;)
  11. What is the difference between slouching and puddling?
  12. *wink* thanks DOC! You DA Best!

    Cant wait to do a reveal once all the accessories arrives!
  13. Slouching is when the bag falls over. Puddling is at the base of the bag. Like at the bottom of a curtain but not so extreme. Your chèvre won't fall over but as time passes, t will not stand as tall but not fall over.
  14. My chèvre bags (coromandel) are over ten years old. No puddling, no slouching...
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    Did you put it in 'sleep position' all the time when you don't use it? Someone told me this may help to prevent gravity force which leads to puddling and slouching...