Chevre had a Shower (Long)

  1. Was driving to the gym (trying to be good!) when I reached into my 40 togo for my lipgloss (still have to look ok at the gym) and felt it was wet!!!

    Then I realized my water bottle had completely opened!:wtf:

    I pulled over and fished the bottle out--only to see that it was now 3/4 empty! I looked in the bag and saw water everywhere. In the zippered pocket, it was about a 1/3 full!!

    I literally pulled everything out and turned the bag over onto the floor and water poured out. I didn't have any towels or napkins. I still had another 5 minute drive. :sad:

    I raced into the gym and used some towels, and all is well. :smile: I was by the H store later, and the craftsman looked at it and told me to let it air dry empty for a day.

    Luckily my wallet didn't get wet--I think it was sitting on top of some stuff. Also, since it's a newer bag, the pocket didn't have a suede lining, so that was lucky too.

    The moral is don't leave your water bottle lolling around in there. Also, chevre is pretty resilient. My friend said the moral should be don't bother going to the gym!
  2. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Really bad scare there, Asa. I think you reacted quickly enough, the darling should dry out pretty ok. :heart::heart:
  3. OMG!!

    I was on the edge of my seat!!!

    I am so glad this had a happy ending, I cannot imagine how scared you must have been....and your poor wallet must have been shaking in her boots as well!!!!!
  4. OK. My heart stopped. And started beating again. I am so happy it all turned out well for you and this is a great example of how resilient these bags are!!! Phew!
  5. What a horrifying incident, Asa!

    As well as I know that it will be totally fine once it has dried, I can feel your first sight shock ;).
    Chèvre can get along with water pretty good as long as you don't dump it into the ocean...

  6. oh Asa, i'm glad it was a happy ending !
  7. asa, do you have to bring it back to the H store after a day, or does the craftsman think it's alright not treating the lining inside?

    I knew from the start who would make the "not going to the gym' comment. LOL. :heart:
  8. :sweatdrop: Good thing that you fished for the lipgloss & took swift action, asa!!!
  9. OMG, asa, I laughed with relief....but, it was a nervous reaction because it wasn't funny. I was just so relieved it caused ( in the end ) no harm.

    I can't bring myself to put anything like that inside my pens, pencils, water, food:sweatdrop:. I so wish I could feel relaxed enough to do that.

    Glad for you that all turned out well:yes:
  10. Yikes! I am pretty careless with my bags and your story has given me the resolve to better. I am glad it turned out ok.
  11. Whew! :sweatdrop:
  12. OMG :wtf: Thankfully you went for your lipgloss! I'm so glad everything is going to ok!
  13. Asa, I would have surely driven off the road...glad it turned out well for you.

    Your story has a familiar ring to it. I carried a water bottle in one of my LV MONO Keepalls a few years back while traveling only to have it open up and spill completely out enough to darken the vachetta on one side support strap from carmel to dark brown. It is a constant reminder to me to never put water in a Tote or bag.
  14. I was stressing as I was reading your post!

    Spilling my water bottle is something that I can easily myself doing!

    Very happy to hear your bag was OK.
  15. OMG this happened to me in the bagmate (little purse insert that skips from purse to purse) and it saved the interior completely!

    Just another reason I love my bagmate!!! Course, I caught it early on... God knows if it'd been sitting there :rolleyes: