Chevre Goat Skin


Feb 28, 2006
at the bottom of a cup of Jasmine Pearl
duna said:
They do still make box, 'cause I ordered a box Kelly only two days ago.. My SA showed me the order list for the Autumn bags and there were several in box, but not many colors, mostly black (rigid and souple) and the chocolate I preordered... The low production might also be for the reasons you mention above, but what my SA said is that in these last few years people prefer the "grainy" more souple leathers to the smooth and more rigid ones (at least in my country) and also box isn't very popular because it's delicate...;) :biggrin:
Thanks for the info, Duna. And I'm glad because the only box bag I really want is a black Kelly.:love:


Mar 9, 2006
You really can't beat a Kelly in box whether in souple or rigide. IT is just so elegant and classic. The other colors and leathers are nice, but the classic black gives me chills!


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Mar 27, 2006
Dont' discontinue box just yet! I have yet to find me a raisin or rouge h box birkin with gold hardware that I so desperately wanted! All the box raisin I've been seeing are only 35s :sad:

I hope Hermes is still making box, coz hermesbb's bi color birkin is made from box, right? And she bought it this year, so I hope that's an evidence that box is still being produced.

What about chamonix? Anyone know if the leather is still being produced? A rouge h birkin in chamonix with gold hardware gives me shivers.. I guess if chamonix is not avail anymore I can settle for box.. :amuse:

When I was in London, I saw a lady wearing a thalassa birkin that was made from what looks like chevre. The color looks certainly different with mine (mine is from box), it's also gorgeous, but I think I prefer thalassa in box..