Chevre de Coromandel

  1. Previously ,I mentionned that I had purchased a Kelly brown/35cm/PH in courchevel. The SA kept telling me it was courchevel, but research proved that it was a discontinued leather. Eventually I thought maybe I was getting a rare find.

    This morning I was bothered by the fact that maybe I was getting a returned bag, that had been floating around from store to store.

    I gathered the courage to call my SA and ask to speak to the store manager. Finally, I'm told the correct facts about my Kelly.

    It is a Kelly brown/35cm/PH in Chevre Coromandel. Please tell, have I made a good purchase???:tdown::tup:
  2. FANTASTIC PURCHASE!!:tup::tup::tup: Three thumbs up! Love Chevre!:heart:
  3. You've made me so happy I could hug you!!!!!!!!
  4. One of the best. CdC is coveted by many. Congrats.
  5. Thank-you so much "asa" and "anHermesLover" I think I'll sleep a little bit better tonight.
  6. Congratulations Moto,I love chevre! I just purchased a Bolide in chevre,and I also found out that my bearn wallet is chevre.(I thought it was Epsom) You can absolutely sleep well tonight!
  7. Thanks "duchessofs!" Tell me, does chevre hold well over time? Congrats on your Bolide!!
  8. I can only talk about my wallet that I have only had since May! I must say that it has held up amazingly well;considering that when I take it out while searching the cavern of my Birkin,I hold it with my teeth! The bite marks are only slightly visible on the corners. LOL
  9. Yes, you did the right thing! (32cm HAC) I love mine.
    hac chev.jpg
  10. Oh, that is marvelous!!! The chevre holds the color so beautifully. I have many (too many??) chevre items in my bag and they all look as good as new.

    You have found a real treasure, congratulations!!
  11. Magnificent!! Lucky you!:tup::tup::tup:
  12. You made a terrific purchase! Can't wait to see pics...
  13. Ooo CDC is my fave leather. Congrats! Post pics of the spine please.
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  14. And I am still waiting for my CDC! Congratulations!
  15. I personally like chevre leather. I have quite a few birkins and other H bags in this material. They do hold up real well over time. I like the lightweight feature of this bag vs. togo or clemence. At the same time, it holds its shape pretty well.

    Congratulations on your purchase!