Chevre Colors

  1. Happy Monday Everyone!!!

    I would really love feedback from you all if you can.

    I plan to make another visit to my H store in the next week or two, but I don't expect to see much as usual. I really want to see the swatches of all the leathers/colors, but the volume was so poor the last time. It is so out of date and my boutique has very few bags...not to mention very few in different leathers/exotics.

    For those of you who have great SA's and great volumes to view can you please let me know the colors that chevre comes in as of recent?

    I know we will list repeats here, but that is ok with me. I want to see if there are any colors that I am not aware of and then I can do some hunting to see them or ask my SA about them. If you want to post picks that is fine as well. Whatever makes you happy.:yes:

    Have a great week all!!!:flowers:
  2. I've seen with my own eyes

    Turquoise - confirmed to become a permanent colour
    Rouge vif
    Rouge moyen (Garance?)
    Vert anis
    Purple (? - def. not Cyclamen, it was a richer, darker purple)
    and you know. F.U.S.C.H.I.A. (don't want Kou to get all hot and bothered).
  3. Rouge H

    ****Could the purple be Raisin?****
  4. :lol: :lol:
    YAAAAAAH~~~ looooove the fuchsia~~ Woohoo!!! I have my fuchsia radar working at all times~:yahoo: :wlae: I hope they make fuchsia a permanent color.:nuts:

    I've also seen Cyclamen and Yellow in chevre:yes:
  5. :wlae: CARAMEL :wlae:
  6. Oh yeah and Fopduck's gorgeous BLACK :love:
  7. Yes, yummy caramel!:heart:

    After we get more responses I will pull the whole list together on one post!!! Keep them coming...and please correct us if we are wong!!!
  8. Definitely Raisin, I saw a divine Kelly in Raisin with cyclamen piping, TDF!!
  9. Does Blue Jean come in chevre???
  10. I thought I saw a Chevre pencil case in Blue Jean.

    Edit, ok I guess the SA gave me bad info on what leather this was...figures! LOL
  11. I would love to see a Blue Jean Chevre Kelly!!! It has got to be gorgeous!~
  12. I have only seen chevre in rouge H, potiron, fuschia, turquoise and I think it was vert anis. It was a brighter green.
  13. Wait, blue jean comes in chevre?
  14. Nope, BJ does not and probably may never come in Chevre. Something about how it takes to the die. The interior of BJ bags is the exception.

    How about Marron Fonce, gold (rare) and Cocoan?
  15. Being the Brown Addict here, I saw the swatches of 2 different dark browns, I stupidly didn't ask the names of each color, but one was very much like Ebene, and the other had just a hint of red to SA said the one with the red hint was nicer, but it's difficult to tell when you don't see the bag, anyway, my SA has good taste, so although I LOVE Ebene, maybe in chevre this other brown is nicer...Anyway I'll try and find out next time I go (probably wednesday morning) Also there is Cognac (like Gigi's Birkin) which is lovely aswell, a tad darker than Caramel I think....can't think of anything else that hasn't been mentioned already...;)

    P.S Hey GT! we had the same idea at the same time!!