Chevre blue family ....What Color is elegant & classic?

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  1. I was initially looking at Bleu sapphire Chevre but found mixed pics where it looks liked medium blue instead of dark blue in swift etc. Saw Hermès site Bleu encre? It looks blue to me but pics here (& description) mentioned purple tone.

    so I like to ask, anyone has Any idea Which Chevre s elegant & royal, yet no purple .. true dark blue, but darker side. Thanks
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  2. Indigo that's recently been made available in Chevre.
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  3. Yep, Indigo. Bleu Saphir is a real jewel tone in chèvre and Encre definitely has purple.
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  4. +1... even Bleu Electric in chèvre might have a purple tinge and it’s certainly not dark as Bleu Saphir.
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  5. This is the same dilemma that I had when picking my SO this round. I wanted a true blue but sapphire in chevre looked so dull compared to sapphire in epsom (I have a k32 sellier). I ended up picking electric as it looked more vibrant.
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    I have Bleu Saphir as an interior on a Kelly and also in a chèvre SLG, and it's a true jewel tone, not navy as it is in say Clemence. Not dull at all. BE, which I also have in chèvre, , is much brighter, but both are striking, not muted.
    OP seems to be looking for a dark blue which in chèvre is neither BS nor BE.
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