Chevre and Martinis...........

  1. I know there's the answer to this question buried somewhere in this forum but I just can't bring myself to search high and low for it so.......

    Is Chevre ok in the rain? How much do I have to worry about getting caught in a downpour? Wine droplets? Martini spills?

    I have two Chevre bags and you'd think I would have asked this question before hand......:rolleyes:
  2. Sorry S'mom. No personal experience with it so I won't even attempt to BS.

    But I was so tickled by your title I had to drop in on the thread.
  3. It's OK in rain, but I wouldn't take it out in a downpour. It shouldn't blister or be left with opaque waterspots. It might end up smelling like wet goat though.
  4. Ok great.....wet goat. eeewwww.

    Well, does that mean it'll smell like Olives if my Martini takes a dive????
  5. I can't believe I'm about to say this............................more like Jamaican curry goat.
  6. Wet goats smell okay............
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. If it smells anything like wet dog, I don't know...........:push:
  9. This sounds oddly appealing.....
  10. s'mom if you spilled your martini on your chevre if it is dark maybe you wouldn't be love the smell of goat martinis!!! LOL. now you need an olive cadena.
  11. Jamaican curry goat - totally random but funny!lol.xx I like curry goat, but only from the take away shop I know.x
  12. OK, don't flame me, but I actually don't like the smell of goat. I can tolerate just about anything else, but fish.
  13. ^^really??? i must go sniff my goat bag ... !
  14. well i sniffed and it smelled a little like leather and glu so they must have de-goatted it for me lol.
  15. Have had no problems with getting Chevre wet--no spots, not even a wet goat smell!