cheveron question

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  1. I really want to get one of the chevron bags from a few years ago in white/ seafoam, however, several years age I had a white "it" bag that turned yellow after time. Do the white backed bags still do this, or did dooney fix that problem?
  2. Hi. I have a navy and white chevron bag from a qvc special and I'm using it now and it's still white white. I don't use it much.
    Just giving it it's turn as its a summer bag. I do keep it in a white pillowcase.
  3. Thanks, my it bag sat on my dark closer for a few years and it still turned yellow so I just want to be careful

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  4. I have the black/white chevron satchel and wallet. Been using it for several years, its just as bright white as new. Stored without a bag on the shelf.
  5. I think they fixed the issue because they are from a different material. The IT shiny had a clear coating and the newer bags (like the chevron) looks like just one layer. It's not shiny either. All mine are ok. I wouldn't worry about it!