Chevaux de France

  1. I am wondering if anyone has any information about this lovely scarf. Who was it designed by? I tried it on in the orange and the anthracite colorways. Does it come in other colorways? Does anyone have any pics?

  2. Turquoise, red, purple as well. Designed by Jean-Louis Dumas is memory serves.
  3. Thank you HG! I can always count on you! It is from the F/W collection? Is there a story behind the scarf?
  4. Yes, it's new for this season. Don't really know this story though.
  5. Thanks HG, the anthracite one is on it's way to me from Mad Av... I am so excited!!!
  6. I have only seen one pic of it (from someone's personal collection), it is really quite stunning. I'd really like to see it IRL though, it's one of those highly detailed scarves that's really hard to make out on a picture.
  7. Oopsie, it's Chevaux not Cheval!

    ...... it has a contrast hem...sigh....
  8. I love those contrast hems........what is the design, Rose?
  9. contrast hem???? horses of france????? why have I not gotten a call?????

    speedial 7, here I come!!!
  10. Here is a pic I borrowed from LZ

  11. Now, it may not look great in that pic, but believe me... this is a scarf TDF irl!
  12. :yes: yes, Rose is right, reminded me of pavements a lot. A scarf you really have to see IRL.
  13. ^^ yes, very much like the Pavements , but much more striking , in my opinion.
  14. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
    must have this........gasp..............
    is it an embroidery pattern?

  15. Where's DQ? She was lemming for this one if I remember correctly