Cheval de Courses scarf question

  1. Has anyone seen Cheval de Courses in person? I'm looking at the 08 colorway online, and I'm wondering if it's in shades of tans/khaki or in grays. I have the orange colorway already, and that has khaki.
  2. I don't know, but they just posted another (a third) on the website in blues if you are interested.
  3. I would say it's grey. I was ready to buy one but when I saw it, I just didn't like the green line in it. It's almost lime/neon green. I ended up buying another scarf instead, but i'm wondering if i made a misstake.
  4. sorry, OT: Mediana, I love your poochie! And how these dogs always DEMAND their own towel - or think that if you put a towel or a blanket on the ground, it can ONLY be for them!
    sorry, OT, I know, just couldn't resist.
  5. I saw this yesterday – it is grey, more than tan/khaki.
  6. Roxane -- Did you like it?

    Thanks for the replies, everyone!