1. Do you live in Canada?
  2. You may want to PM her to make sure she gets your message.
    Also, your thread isn't really LV handbag related ;)

  3. I am not sure how to PM someone. She posted a thread about the Croissant GM and I responded to her thread. I thought that I included her post. But I guess not!
  4. SM, are you a moderator? Just curious.
  5. She is one of our wonderful moderators! :love:
  6. Oh ok, I was wondering why she makes certain comments, but that all makes sense now! :smile:
  7. LOL! Yes , I'm a Moderator!
    susu, you just click on her name and choose "Send a private message . . ." that way you'll be sure she gets your message. We prefer that so there's not lots of little personal messages floating around.
    I LOVE PM's, I've gotten to know people here on a more personal level because of them!

    Thanks Sunshine!:love:
  8. SwankyMama,

    Thanks so much for the info. I appreciate it!!!:amuse:
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