Chestnut vs. Mahogany Leather Color

  1. Can anyone tell me the color difference between chestnut and mahogany trim? I purchased an Ergo tote which listed the trim color as MA on the tag. I just purchased a wallet with the same MA distinction on the tag, but the leather colors don't seem to match. The leather trim on the purse is a darker brown. I'm thinking I may need to purchase a wallet in chestnut. Anyone one else run into this problem?

  2. The colors Chestnut & Mahogany and quite similar, dark brown. However, they will vary a bit because the leathers might be different, i.e., Lightweight, Vintage, etc. Even if you compare two bags of the same color from the same line you might see a variation in their color because the dye takes differently to each leather skin. All in all, they are dark brown shades.