Chestnut? Hobo vs. Reg. size Phoebe

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Chestnut Madison Hobo or Chestnut Reg. Size Phoebe?

  1. Hobo

  2. Phoebe

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  1. I thought I wanted a chestnut color bag (I like the color!).
    I usually ONLY do black....but I am trying to branch out & do something different for the warmer months.

    First question: is chestnut on it's way out? I see quite of few chestnut color bags on clearance/sale at Zappos.

    Second question: do you feel chestnut is neutral enough to go with everything (including black)? I don't change my bags often.

    Final question: Chestnut Madison Hobo vs. Chestnut Reg. size Phoebe...I have both in my possession right now and can NOT decide!!!
  2. Chestnut and similar colors are my standby colors, though I've also branched out to other colors. I think Chestnut is a year round color that goes with pretty much anything. I don't know if it's on it's way to FOS and other outlets soon, though.

    Personally I prefer the hobo, bags with double straps and compartments just aren't functional for me. I would pick whichever is more functional for you.

    GL -- they're both lovely bags!
  3. I like the hobo much better
  4. I used to hate compartment bags but I do love Phoebe. If you like Isabelle you should keep the hobo. Hobo is very Issy-like to me. I have 2 already so no similar styles needed. My vote is a Phoebe.
  5. Chestnut will never go out of style! I wear black alot and a brown or neutral bag like chestnut is what I carry mostly! Definitely the Hobo style, to me the Phoebe looks like a more " mature" bag . I'm 44, and it's too mature looking for me! :smile:
  6. YES! Chestnut, Whiskey, Bristish Tan will never go out!

    If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the Hobo.
  7. I love phoebe but maybe that's because Maggie was always my favorite too. I'm 27 and no where near think it's too mature lol.
  8. hobo.
  9. Both are great, I love both, so choose based upon (1) compartments vs one space (2) regular Phoebe holds more and (3) hobo has more hardware. Otherwise you can't go wrong with either one, and chestnut is great, as is silt!
  10. I like both, I have both styles (in chestnut) since I also love that color.
    The color goes with everything, looks great with black.
    Love the longer strap on HOBO for cross body wear and also love the look of the Phoebe.
    I think both are pretty different so depends on how you want to use them.
    Phoebe is easier to dress up than hobo imo, but hobo is a great grab and go/ casual bag that I definitely use more.
  11. Hobo!
  12. I have a chestnut hobo; I have been wearing it for about 3 weeks straight now. Since I like to change out my purse daily, this says a lot!
  13. Both! I have two Phoebes and am looking to get a chestnut hobo soon :smile: