Cheshire's Got the Blues

  1. A few weeks ago, glossie requested that I take a picture of my blue Bbags for comparison. I obliged and then completely forgot to actually post the pictures anywhere... so here they are now.

    It's not a big collection, but it might be helpful to some people since there are SO many Balenciaga blues out there.

    Clockwise from left, they are Ocean First, Ink Twiggy, Bleu Glacier First and Cornflower coin purse (who is now on her way to a new home!). True colours are somewhat in between the pictures with flash and without. The closest to the true colours is the close-up without flash, I think, but my lights give everything a somewhat yellowy cast.

    My next blues are Electric Blue coin purse and Turquoise Twiggy, so I'll have to re-take pictures in a few months. ;)

    Without flash:

    With flash:

    Without flash:

    With flash:
    P1010001.jpg P1010002.jpg P1010003.jpg P1010004.jpg
  2. CC, Your blues are divine!! thanks for posting!:tup:
  3. Love them all...especially that Twiggy! Can't wait to see your Turquoise!! :girlsigh:
  4. *hide* thanks, Chesire Cat! actually, i never heard from you... i'd sent you 2 PMs, the 2nd one to apologise for inconvenience cos i've managed to find 2 pictures which you've already posted up in some threads. the only pics lacking were those of your periwinkle against ocean ;)
  5. your blues are too pretty. i can't wait to get a eb!
  6. very nice selection!!!
  7. I know, I'm so sorry. :push: I am very bad with PMs... but I did take the pictures! The problem is they couldn't do you any good until I posted them, and that bit slipped my mind. :blush:
  8. Ahhhh i love your Ink Twiggy. :drool:Awsome collection.:tup:
  9. amazing collection!

    Love the ink Twiggy too....just beautiful.
  10. :drool: all of these blues are making me anticipate my first blue, EB, so much! Thanks for the pics!
  11. Love em, especially the ocean first. Leather looks yummmmmy on that one. :drool:Great assortment of blues.
  12. i love blue ! I love your collection
  13. Lovely blues, thanks for sharing!
  14. great blue collection cheshire! i especially love the ink twiggy! thanks for sharing! :heart:
  15. Gorgeous thread Cheshire!