Cheshire Oaks

  1. I have tried phoning Cheshire Oaks for the past week and have been getting the message "We are unable to connect you at this time - please try again later". Has anyone else had this problem? Have they got a new number?
  2. Dexter have you had any luck yet? The number I found is 0151 357 3977

    Don't know if that's the same one you have, but hope it helps.
  3. Oh! Many thanks for this. The number I have is completely different 07515 577598. I have phoned them on this number before - maybe they have a new number now.
  4. Hi Alycat, tried your number but that seems to be a fax number!!!
  5. Oh no! I'm so sorry. Let me check again. Hang on, back in a mo....

    Well, that's odd - that's def the number they list on the Mulberry page of the Cheshire Oaks site. I'll try and do a quick search on here. I'm sure someone posted the number a while ago. I'll be back...
  6. OK, found it .....but it's the same number you have!! 07515 577 598 :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    The only other thing I can think of, is to try the general Chesh oaks number to see if they have anything different?

    According to the website it's 0151 348 5600. Hope that's not a fax number too :s

    Good luck. Keep us posted!
  7. Got it! It is 0151 356 8904. Thanks for all your help Alycat.
  8. Yay, well done sherlock! Now if I was organised I'd be writing that down for future ref......

    Hope they have what you're after. Do tell !!
  9. After all that, they didn't have what I wanted. Was after an Oak Blenheim - none of the outlets have it. They have a mauve. Does anybody have it in this colour?
  10. I was just about to phone York to see if they had one - you've saved me a phone call!
  11. York has it in the Mauve and pink in case you are interested. I really want one in Oak!!!!
  12. Me too! What do you think of the one on eBay at the moment in Ochre?
  13. Aww girls that's such a shame. I remember seeing quite a few oak at Bicester in November. I'm sorry that's really no help at all to you now, but I know it can be so frustrating trying to track down the obect of one's desire!

    Have you tried keeping an eye out for Sholm's auctions on eBay, or maybe email her? I'm pretty sure she's had some oak Blenheims available in the recent past. I've never bought from her, but she's be given the thumbs up as a good seller on here before.
  14. Ive got the 07515 577598 number for cheshire oaks too. Its a mobile number which they had when they first opened there. Sounds like they now have a land-line number so the mobile number is out of use?

    Good luck tracking down the blenheim.... I did that same search at the end of dec/early jan, although not for one in oak (chocolate instead) - I was phoning all 4 outlets all the time and it was agonising! Gave up in the end :nogood: I was very interested in one in lavendar, but decided to opt for a more neutral colour first.

    I think come summer that yearning for a lavendar blenheim will reawaken :lol: