Cheshire Oaks Prices

  1. Only got prices ladies,no pics allowed. I wrote down as much as I could,until Sophie got well p***ed off.

    Sarjane,no claret Joni's , and Jo no Effies sorry girls!!!! Anyway here is some of the rest;

    Anthony £136 green,tan,black,choc
    Ridley £206 rose,black,sage
    Alfies £197 sage,choc,black,neutral,oak
    Angelica £75 green
    Araline £105 green,claret
    Bayswater £346 off white
    Bayswater £416 ? soft brown with leather trim
    Bayswater £346 with oak leaves
    Bayswater £346 ? oak
    Emmy £416 choc/oak trim,choc,black
    Belgrave £416 oak,choc,black,
    Grosvenor £206 tabacco
    Marylebone £346 off white/choc trim
    Joni 246 soft chocolate
    Roxanne £397 reduced from £795,same pattern as an Ayler
    Rosemary £247 lavender,oak,choc
    Phoebe £297 sage,oak
    Ledbury £206 ginger
    Roxanne £416 black,choc,oak
    Annie £416 black
    Euston £197 green,oak
    Hanover £416 choc,oak (i think I saw a black one?)
    Rivington £347 black,oak,choc
    Babington £416 black,choc,oak
    Blenheim £197 oak
    Helier small £147 oak,black both printed
    There were larger Heliers in black,and oak I think,but Sophie had had enough at this point.

    A couple of the prices I'm a bit unsure of and there were a lot more bags but I did'nt have time to get anymore names and prices
    Heres the phone number if your chasing anything in paticular 07515 577 598,they're on a mobile for a bit,they are only just open and I think some of the staff are new to Mulberry,so best to bear with them,they are super helpful and freindly,shame I could'nt do pics,would have been a quicker way of cataloging the bags,never mind!!!
  2. Chaz - your dedication to the cause always amazes me :tup::lol:

    That's quite a list - Sophie was being very patient :yes: Interesting to see that the Ridley comes in Rose as I though it was a man bag :confused1: I was considering it for my first Mulberry purchase but ended up going for the Joni instead.
  3. There were a lot of other bags that looked like Aylers,but I did'nt manage to get to them, the type of leather weaving was on lots and lots of other styles,even a Roxanne,and saying that I saw all colors nude,purple and lavender(and green I think?) tasseled Roxys,Blenhiems,Rosemarys and a couple of others I did'nt recognise at all,could have done with having Sarajane with me!!:yes:
  4. Chaz, thanks so much, I never got a chance for an inventory check when I was there as I had mother with me.
  5. Chaz, wow - great prices and I am so jealous of the outlets stores that you ladies have!!:crybaby::crybaby::drool:
  6. Phew - bet that list took some doing! Thanks for posting this Chaz. I really shouldn't be looking though....
  7. What condition were the bags in generally? Scratches ??? I'm so having to resist a black Antony at the moment!!
  8. I have to say the bags were all in good nick,there was'nt one I would'nt have had because of its condition. In fact some of the more popular styles that were in there I was suprised at because I could'nt see a thing wrong with them,like the Emmy,Roxanne,blenheims etc

  9. ooh that's good to hear!!! I'm getting some John lewis vouchers for xmas from work and the in-laws and I have a cunning plan to spend them on groceries in Waitrose then effectively spend my 'gift ' money on an Antony from the outlet. Is that warped reasoning???:graucho:
  10. OMG, I do this *all* the time. I got John Lewis gift vouchers from work for my long service award - I "sold" them to my grocery shopping budget, used them at Ocado, and used the money to buy my Elgin :tup: I think I might be getting some M&S vouchers from family this year and may do the same thing with those :lol:

  11. I'm sooooooo glad to hear I'm not the only one!!:yahoo: My Dh wouldn't get it at all and I'll probably still have to explain the Mulberry on the credit card and go through the 'not another bag' thing!!!!
  12. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GOD!!!! I'm so glad I come on here,not just me thats a hoarder,stasher,excuse maker etc,etc I feel a lot less like a lunatic!!!!
  13. Could'nt I buy one for you as a 'gift' and you send me a cheque separately?? I read on another thread in the jewellery forum that if things go 'out of state' and then shipped somewhere else you don't pay the tax?? I can do that for you if you like???:tup::love:
  14. OOO, just thought that if you sent me a cheque,would the bank accept it in American dollars?? But I'm sure we could work something out if there was one you really wanted!!:love:
  15. I totally agree!!! This Mulberrymania really got me. As I´m now selling my Frank Baines saddle which is going to cover for the Bayswater purchase I´m back on scratch, right? And won´t need to justifie another bag? :graucho:

    Getting some useful tips here from you experienced girls, but still have a load to learn! Love my husband of course but it would be nice if you could actually choose an alternative for what is printed on reciepts - for exampel change a Mulberry purchase to gasoline or grocerys (hm. quite a big amount...) No, it will probaly not work, just dreaming. ;)