Cheshire Cat out of control!

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  1. Faced with the disappointment of the total lack of French Blue Firsts, I think I've gone a little :wtf:.

    This week I have purchased a Money wallet in black, a Brief in black (although that is coming from a lady in England who is on vacation, so I don't get it til the end of the month) and I am currently in the process of buying a Blue Glacier First from HGBags.

    Bad, bad, bad! :nuts:

    But there are reasons for everything, right? I need a new wallet - my old one essentially fell apart last week and I've been carrying my cash and cards around in a little flannel Bambi coin purse my mum made me when I was five. The Brief has been haunting me ever since it first came out, and it's my "not a clutch and not a casual hobo" black bag. Absolutely necessary, right? :rolleyes: The Blue Glacier First... well, I've really loved that colour ever since I first saw it (although, oddly, I've never been a fan of Cornflower, which is probably what it's closest to) and it's my "damn bastards didn't make French Blue in the First but I want a blue First dammit" bag. And who doesn't need one of those?

  2. Your not out of control, lets face it you needed a new wallet!! Even i have been drawn to the brief recently, although i said it wouldnt be for me.......
  3. Congrats Cheshire, I think you're reasons are very valid, I can't wait to see photos I'm so happy for you:yahoo:
  4. Congrats on your new purchases!! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Pics Pics Pics please!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. That BG first from Erika is gorgeous! I almost bought it myself!! CONGRATS!!

  7. :nuts: I almost bought it as well - you saved me Cheshire Cat lol!! Beautiful bag! Can't wait to see your pics of that and your other additions :yahoo:
  8. I can't wait to see all the new bags you've bought! The BG First is amazing........Congrats!:yahoo:
  9. Cheshire Cat,like Alice you come from let me wish you "an happy non-birthday",just one birthday per a year,364 non-birthday,today(and tomorrow and...)we are celebrating one of these!:party:
    Enjoy all your purchases and the next ones!!!
  10. :yes:
    Hey, maybe that's why I have bought 3 bags in the last 2 weeks! I am with you on being super sad there will be no more FB Firsts available! I got a 05 Turq First hoping it will be a good replacement, and I am going to look at a French Blue Day today at Neiman Marcus. Congratulations on your new bags! I can't wait to see pictures!
  11. Oh Chesire! I just sold my Black Brief (purchased only in Feb) for $700, i wish i knew you had wanted one.
  12. all of your points, perfectly valid! would love to see a pic of your flannel bambi coin purse, though;) sounds super cute!
    i have a money and :heart: it - perfect wallet. enjoy yours :yes:
  13. 3 years ago there was a bag that wasn't available for me to buy
    It broke the dam
    I have been buying bags ever since, like crazy
    I always wonder, had I been able to get that one that I wanted so badly, would I have gone berserk the way I did, or was it just the beginning of a great obsession that was going to happen anyway??
    I'll never know, but I sure am having fun!
  14. Oh NO! What a steal... I would have loved to buy yours!

    Thanks to everyone for the show of support - I know I'll calm down again and the next bag I buy will either be a friend's LE Magenta if she doesn't want it or the Ocean City... so it will be a while before I get any new bags. Unless that elusive FB First pops up. I've never had an HG before.
  15. Congrats on the new bags. I can't wait to see pics!!!
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