Cheryl Cole Style Thread

  1. Don't know where this thread went?!

  2. Her hair is to die for! Love how she always does those loose ringlets. Wish mine would do that!
  3. In Look magazine this week they have a comparison of what Cheryl is wearing in LA this week and what she was wearing in LA this time last year ... oh how times have changed!!!! Gone are the tracksuits, hello dresses and heels!

    She looks amazing these days!
  4. She's so gorgeous and I'm proud to say I'm from her hometown of happy Newcastle :biggrin:

  5. Love her! She's so gorgeous! I have been so jealous of her gorgeous hair, but I'm a little relieved to see she has help in that arena, just like most celebs with tdf hair:


    Her hairstylist did an excellent job with the extensions!

    Love her entire outfit in the first post!
  6. [​IMG]

  7. can anyone id her sunnies?
  8. ^

    Tom Ford I think?
  9. The black glasses (if those are the ones you're talking about) are Tom Ford.
  10. what is the particular style name of tom ford?
  11. Are the extensions to make her hair thicker or to make it longer, or both? Sorry:shame:for the dumb question.
  12. Not a dumb question at all! Probably for both- they make her hair look so luxurious and full of body.
  13. Does anyone know who makes her red shoes in the above picture , with the navy and white striped dress . Thanks
  14. XFactor