Cheryl Cole pants + outfit

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  1. Can anyone ID her pants? How about the rest of the outfit - top, jewelry? Am most curious about the pants, tho. They're so cute looking.

  2. I really like them pants ! There should be more Cheryl Cole Threads ! :drool:
  3. I looove this outfit. It looks so comfy!
  4. There is a Cheryl Cole style thread somewhere here
  5. i like her bracelet
  6. LadyLouboutin, you're a star! How did you ID that bracelet?! I'm impressed. :smile: Do you have any thoughts at all on the trousers/pants/leggings? They looked sort of Vanessa Bruno (Isabel Marant? Alexander Wang???) to me so I checked out the latest collection on but didn't see anything. I'm obsessing over the pants!!

    Bisousx - I thought I had seen a Cheryl Cole style thread, too, but I did a search and couldn't find one...?
  7. There are some very similar pants over at Topshop! They're the wrap front hareem trousers, but [at least on the site] they only come in a grey color.
  8. She really is so stunning