Cherry Twilly

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  1. Hey everyone!

    This is my first post in this forum. I would like to hear your opinions on this twilly. Also, does anyone have it? I am looking for a close-up pic of it. If you have it, please post!

    I am not a big scarf person, so this will be tied on my bags. Do you think it's worth the money if I'm not actually going to wear it? How's quality of Hermes scarves? Do you think it's a good investment in a way that I would be able to use it for many years (gently, of course)?

    Also, I have never bought anything from How's their service? Do they package well (I assume they use those yummy orange boxes)? Is shipping fast?


    Thank you!
  2. It is cranberries and it is gorgeous! At least it looks like cranberries to me!!!

    The quality is lovely, but only you can decide if it is worth the price. That is an individual decision. Try just one and see how you feel about it. You just may like it. If you don't I am sure you can sell it. It is lovely!!!
  3. Hi! I love that twilly. It will be great for spring/summer. The service from is excellent. I live in NJ and get my packages the next day (using regular ground service)
  4. Unfort, it comes in a tube not a box.
    I received one for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and have worn it multiple times.
    It's a great piece if you like to wear neutrals.
    I say buy it!
    They still have them on the H site...........
    Buy the twilly first see how you like it then buy the big girl scarf when you have reached a decision..........
  5. I thought they were red currants not cranberries, but maybe my sight is failing me..............
  6. Whatever they are- they are so damn cute! I love that twilly!
  7. Here is the description from H:

    'Silk Twilly (33\" x 2\")','Red Berries','$115.00','t
  8. Welcome! The Red Berries twilly is adorable and great to tie around your bags. Here are some close-ups; hope they help.
    CIMG2913.jpg CIMG2919.jpg
  9. yeah! I am loving that Twilly! I'm thinking of getting it myself! The Twilly is great! Very usable! I NEVER thought of wearing it like I do now (but, for you gals on tPF!).

    Careful tho...once you start, you can't stop!
  10. I love that. I wish they would start shipping here..
  11. Beautiful Twilly! The Most Scaves ~ That Will Last Many. Many Years. Will Be Very Good To You. Is This Twilly For The Red Epi Jasmin I See In Your Signature? Enjoy!!! :smile:
  12. The twilly will make your bag pop!
  13. I love that one! It's quite hard to find right now in Europe. I've been through 5 H shops in 3 different countries asking for this one in that colorway and I have not been able to buy it so far
  14. ^^
    I know! My husband tried to locate the cherry twilly and it was impossible to find in almost every H-store. I think it's adorable and want it even more now!
  15. Thank you everyone! And you're right, those are not cherries! LOL

    Orchids, thank you very much for the close ups! They are gorgeous!

    Bagluv, yes, I want to put it on my red Epi Jasmin when I receive it. Wouldn't it make the bag/color pop???

    I am seriously considering buying's SO beautiful!!!