Cherry Speedy 25

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  1. I purchased this bag from my girlfriend. She did not use it because she thought it was too young looking for her. Whatever. So I purchased the bag. I thought I would use it or my 18 year old daughter could. I inspected the bag thoroughly. The LV and the Cherries do not get cut off at the seems the lock is real and hardware really seem to be LV headwear especially the lock being numbered and all. My only concern is that myself and my daughter went on a weekend trip and combined we must have used the bag 5 or 6 hours total. The bag is always in the red dust cover and then put in my large plastic pin. The leather on the bag has begun to darken. I have other bags that are much older with half the amount of patina. Am I missing something or is this a common occurrence do you know. Thank you so much for your help. It will really put my mind at rest, are there any pictures I can look at of a cherry speedy that you might know of. ;)
  2. Please say it isnt so
  3. Please take photos of the actual bag you received, upload photos to an album in photobucket, copy and paste the link to the photobucket album on the LV forum HERE for authentication.

    If you refer to post #1 in the link provided above, you will see format required.

    I think the girls in the LV forum have already advised to do same.:yes:

    You can also research patina and vachetta here
  4. Agree with ellie...


    thats very odd that the bag would start to patina so quick... it usually takes months!
  5. Agreed with both ladies. It seems very odd but if the bag is indeed fake, I sincerely hope you can get your money back. Good luck!
  6. So now it's a 25? In your other threads you said it was a 30 until we told you there is no such thing. Now you've changed the size?
  7. Rainey... so sorry.. if you use the same ID, that speedy 25 was deemed fake and removed by ebay. I hope you can return it to your friend.
  8. ^^^yeah, its definitely fake...did you buy it from a "good friend"?
  9. So, after you KNOW that it's fake, you sell it anyway on ebay? Your listing was removed by ebay & VERO..Too bad it was after you sold it! :tdown:

    You also used tPF member status on ebay to help you gain trust to sell your fake! :nono:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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