cherry speedy 25 and multi pochette wanted - how much is reasonable?

  1. i'm not an active ebayer and have never bought used bags anywhere else either so i don't know what the good price is for the two bags that i want right now:

    the cherry speedy 25 and
    the white MC pochette.

    also any tips on reputable sellers or finding these items will be appreciated!
  2. it depends on the condition you want them in! ^_^
  3. oh yes, of course. i really don't mind them used and some patina is ok. as long as they are filthy dark! just reasonable price for reasonable condition, so i could have some idea to set the budget. thanks!
  4. for the Mc pochette: 300-450

    cerise speedy: 990-1600
  5. There's a brand new cerises speedy 25 for sale from my poupette(88caviar) right now for 2k.:graucho: For a used one as Sophia said is usually over 1k.:smile:
  6. 88 cavair usually extends the price a lil bit