Cherry Sabrina Modeling Pictures!!!!!

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  1. I went to Vermont yesterday for apple picking and general autumn frolicking and decided to wear my new Cherry Sabrina. Here it is worn in several different ways. This will give a good idea to anyone who is considering the sabrina for all the ways it can be warn. I'm amazed at how versatile it is!! This is the large size.

    On the arm. Please pardon the goofy splotchy lighting.

    On the shoulder. Again, pardon the squinting. It was really bright.

    Cross-body. I actually really like wearing it this way!

    More cross-body from the other side.

    Here I am wearing it Cross-body with my Shih Tzu Brindle.

    Again, on the arm

    Cross-body from the front

    The colour looks so different in different lights. Even though it's not exactly the colour I was hoping for, she's really growing on me. I think it might be true love.:heart:
  2. Love it! You look wonderful and the Sabrina is so pretty. And of course the stunning background brings it all together!!
  3. Pretty pics! Looks so great w/your outfit, fabulous! [​IMG]
  4. You are adorable - Coach should put you in the catalog - your outfit, the bag, the scenery - it all just works!!!
  5. It looks FABULOUS on you! Some of your pics look like Coach ads! You go girl!
  6. You look soo adorable and that bag looks perfect on you! Lovely scenery btw!
  7. WOW! You blew me away with these pics. The cherry is gorgeous and so are you
  8. love Love LOVE it!!!!! you look TOO cute - your pics looked just like a Coach ad, like the last catalog where they're outside in the field with bunnies. It makes me want to go apple-picking :smile:

    Is that the small or large size Sabrina? I'm thinking the large one, right? Can I ask how tall you are for reference? I like the larger one way more but I think it looks too big on me (5'0). It looks PERFECT on you though and I love the color!!! :tup:
  9. Thanks for letting us see the cherry color. What a cute outfit!

    Are you wearing Valari flats?
  10. Wow what fantastic modeling pics!!
    Thank You so much for taking the time to model for the pics and then post those for us. :heart:
  11. You are such a cutie, especially with your sabrina. Thanks for modeling her in all of the different ways for wearing her. The cherry is a really pretty color.
  12. You look like a model. You should be a coach model girl. Gorgeous bag. I love it.
  13. gorgeous!!! thx 4 sharing :smile:
    how tall are you btw?
    just would liek to know as im planning on purchasing one and not sure which size to get ( im 5'5 btw)
    THX! :smile:
  14. OMG! Those pics are gorgeous! That bag looks amazing on you!!! What a rich color!!! You are adorable btw!!! I love your style!! Congrats on the beautiful bag!
  15. OMG you are totally adorable!!! What great pictures! Thank you for sharing them with us. Sabrina looks amazing on you.