Cherry Sabrina exchange for Steel?

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  1. Hey everyone.. I ordered the Cherry Sabrina Saturday and it should be here tomorrow. Ive been thinking the cherry/red color would be a great bag and stand out against most of the ones who will be carrying the Carlys and such. Though the linning on the cherry is like a yellow. Should i exchange it for the steel since its more like a fuchia? I am worried about the linning getting dirty really easy and the color of the cherry being hard to match? If you have the cherry sabrina what colors do you wear it with? how do you keep it clean?
    Ive heard different things about the difference of the leathers on the steel and the cherry. any advice?

    Please help!:shrugs:
  2. There is alot of variation on the Cherry bags. I ordered one and it promptly went back because it was a very faded fuschia tone when it arrived. Like a bag that had been sitting in a display window for months! Others that several members have a bright, vivid cherry, pink color and they are stunning. I have the Steel and I cannot say enough how much I love it. The leather on the Steel is pebbled and seems to wear really well. Unique color and very neutral. I have not found anything it does not go with.

    So IMO, go with the Steel unless you can hand pick a Cherry one to insure you get the color you want.
  3. ITA on the Steel!....You can't go wrong. It's by far the best leather on any Sabrina.
  4. Steel!!
  5. I'm going to vary in that I prefer the Cherry, both the shade and the leather. The steel is more of a pebbled leather, which I'm not a fan of.
  6. ^ that said with the steel more of a pebbled leather (which I love, hehe).. I'd go with steel! It's only here do I realize there might be others that are as critical as I am with the inside lining of the bags. lol
    While I love the cherry.. I don't know, I'd just personally go with the steel. It would be nice year round any season!
  7. I love my Cherry, the leather is very soft! I think you won't be dissapointed!
  8. I think if you want that "pop" of color you need to stick with cherry BUT this is only if you mostly wear neutral colors and black! If you wear alot of color in your wardrobe the cherry will tend to clash or "compete" with the colors and you'll find yourself leaving her behind and carrying a neutral bag!

    I tend to wear alot of blacks and grays etc so I'd be OK with cherry (although I'm not a fan!) If I wore alot of colors I'd carry alot more colorfull bags!!!
  9. Cherry!!
  10. I've never been a fan of the cherry Sabrina. My DH even wanted to buy it for me but I just don't like the color.It's not red and it's not pink...maybe it's "rink" :P
    I have the steel and love it! I'm a very matchy person when it comes to the colors of my bags and my clothing. This is the only bag I've ever had that I have no problem wearing with everything. It's beautiful!!!!
  11. I say Cherry and Steel!!:woohoo: They are both great colors and I equally love them both.
  12. I have a large cherry Sabrina which is a slightly more "blue" red than the "coral" red in the website pictures. This is A-OK for me, because the color pops well the dark denim blues in my fall-winter outfits. My work/dress winter coat is dark charcoal wool, and I'm switching between Ariat hand-tooled warm tan mules (my "heels") or tan Lucchese ropers. (In Boston MA, what kind of style is that? Mine! :smile:)

    I also like the gold-tan lining of the cherry sabrina, but it goes well with my preferred shoes.

    There is a small dot-sized inkstain from a pen which was separated from its cap. I haven't tried to clean it but just leave it as a reminder to check the pen caps.