Cherry or Persimmon Lindsey

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Cherry or Persimmon Lindsey

  1. Cherry

    42 vote(s)
  2. *


    21 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I can't decide if I should get the persimmon lindsey or wait for the cherry one. I wear neutrals and jewel tones so I think cherry would match those more while the persimmon can also be a neutral and is such a unique and beautiful color.
  2. I have a feeling the persimmon will hit the vote is for the cherry!
  3. I vote for Ms Cherry :tup:
  4. I've been trying to love the persimmon color, but it just hasn't grown on me yet. So I voted cherry! :smile:
  5. thanks ladies! I am totally leaning cherry also, I am still sad about the fact that I never jumped on the cherry sabrina when it was out.
  6. I am dying to see the cherry color. I have the persimmon, but I'm voting for cherry.
  7. Cherry for sure based on the colours you wear. I also wear a lot of jewel tones so I am thinking about waiting for the navy or perhaps getting the grey croc.
  8. Is there a DD of the cherry?
  9. I saw the persimmon Lindsey in person this weekend, it was absolutely gorgeous! I hadn't given much thought to it before just from looking at online photos but after seeing it I am so tempted...
  10. Cherry!...just my biased opinion because I cannot pull off orangey tones.
  11. I voted for the cherry.
  12. *~*Cherry!!! Do we have any pics of the Cherry Lindsey yet??*~*
  13. Does anyone know what hardware the cherry has? *Please be silver, please be silver*
  14. I don't know for certain but I cannot imagine it being brass or gold....
  15. My SA just checked the backorder date for me today (Nov. 18) - and, hate to disappoint, but she checked hardware color too - It's brass/cherry.