Cherry Monogram Josephine PM or Cherry Blossom? Please Help!!!

  1. I'm having a tough time deciding. I wish I have enough dough to buy them both, but:crybaby: :crybaby: . Anyway, which one do you think would be easy to hunt later on, josephine (cherry) or pochette (cherry blossom - pink/red combo)? Please help me decide.
  2. I think the Josephine will be easier to find than the pochette. I dunno why, but I notice that discontinued regular items tend to have a lower resale value than LE/current items.
  3. I agree.. the cherry josephine'll be easier to find than a CB pochette.. especially if the combo you want is red/cream. I STILL think about the brand new red/cream pochette that I had the opportunity to buy last year but I didn't... *sniff*
  4. I'd get the Cherry Blossom- the price will only go up as time goes on (especially for one in good condition).
  5. Thanks bernz and jadecee!!! I will get the cb pochette red/cream now and hunt for the mono josephine (cherry) later.;)
  6. Thank you, all of you are so helpful. I love this forum.:heart:
  7. Cherry Blossom! That one is much harder to get, so get it NOW!
  8. Cherry blossom please!
  9. get cherry blossoms now and josephine pm later.. :smile:
  10. yep, i agree, good us when you get it!
  11. i know! i saw one about a year ago on eBay for around 1000 bucks!
    and there were BIDS on it!
  12. The CB is gorgeous! Like the others say, it has only increased in value with time.
  13. Lol Karman that's the one I've been looking at..then I remind myself that I want the Pap, not a Pochette :lol:

    Anyway yes, definitely go for the CB first!!
  14. I agree, get the cherry blossom first. But I have the cherry Josephine PM and I love it. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. :love: