Cherry blossum question

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  1. which is more valuable? the papillion in this or the retro? and which one originally cost more?????? thanks!
  2. IMO: The Red/Creme CB Retro is more valuable.

    Here are the retail prices of CB stuff:

    Mirror- $135
    Porte Cles- $215
    Porte Monnaie Plat- $240

    Porte Tresor Wallet- $460
    Pochette Accessories- $425
    Papillon- $880
    Retro- $995
  3. thanks John!!!!!!! so what is the most I should pay for an authentic brown/pink cherry blossum papillion????:crybaby: which bag do you all prefer????? I cant find the retro anymore..and I like the papillion too. what size pap is it???? thanks!
  4. I'm looking for a Retro myself, wouldn't mind the Papillon though. Only in the red/creme combo.
  5. There is a CB brown/pink retro on let-trade....$1k.
  6. I believe the Papillon size was a 30.

    As for the price, it just depends on what condition it's in... :s
  7. ooh. ive never heard of retro until now! i really really like it!

  8. thanks john! I am going to send u a myspace invite:yes:
  9. Yup, it was a 30. I'm dying for the red/cream one :love:
  10. I have the retro in brown/pink and it is my favorite bag. I also want a pap...
  11. and cream one is hard to to get my hands on that..

    I thought it's equal to size papi 26..
  12. yup..papi 26 I think..

  13. omg..bags your paps/bedfords are heavenly!
  14. yes, 26 is correct :yes:
  15. I love your papillon collection Bagsnbags! Gorgeous vernis.