Cherry blossom..

  1. how much did the pochette retail for?
  2. $425, I think....
  3. I really wish I got it when it came out.
  4. ^me too:crybaby: they are all about $550 and really used everywhere I look
  5. Hopefully LV will come out with something similar again soon!!!!!!!!
  6. I wish I got the brown papillon! Wasn't it $800?!
  7. Was it that much? I thought it was like 395. originally...but I am getting old and the memory is going.
  8. I am not sure, I remember reading about it somewhere...and I think I've seen this price on the receipts of some CB pochette auctions.

    Maybe $425 CDN?? :confused1:
  9. Yeah it was $395 US. :yes:
  10. Yes I believe it was about $800. Most countries were already sold out when I was looking for mine, which was a few months after the release. They still had them in Japan, so I ended up paying $1200 USD instead. I didn't have tPF back then to know the release dates of new bags. But now I do!
  11. I really like the cherry line.
  12. It retailed here for 550 Swiss Francs, that's 445 USD today. I'm glad I got one, I wore it at the Ritz last year lol.
    Good luck to you! Maybe you could ask let-trade to help find you one?
  13. let trade only shows a cherry blossom wallet right now. but the condition looks fantastic and the price is great as far as i am concerned!
  14. Hi, I just checked and found Cherry Blossom Pink Pouchette in good cond., not really USED & surprisingly, it's only $439 :nuts::yes: WOW! but please let me know anyone has Cherry Blossom Retro/Papillon/PTI wallet in red on cream color, so hard to find in reasonable price :sad:

  15. I saw RebeccaLou28 sold it on eBay around US$ 550 2 weeks ago...