Cherry Blossom

  1. I love the Cherry Blossom Creme/Red Pochette... if I were to buy one off Ebay, what are the characteristics of a fake?

    Thanks so much!!!!
  2. Hi Missjuicy.. I love CBs too :amuse: I used to obsessed of owning a complete set of the CB line. Red cream is also my fav color combo, follow by pink pink and brown pink.

    IMO, the red cream is the hardest one to copy. Those fakers just can't get the cream color right. Often the fake ones look too peachy, just not the right shade.

    Make sure you ask for lotsa photos. Look inside the bag where the screws are, they should be 6 star screws, not 4. If you see one with 4 star screws, run as fast as you can. Other than that, look for the fonts in the stamping, close up pics of the CBs, and ask for a pic showing the datecode.

    Btw, I PMed you..

    HTH :idea:
  3. I just bought a red/cream CB pochette from a lovely forum member last week. I will PMed you with what learned.